Sunday, January 17, 2016

Retro Gears Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

When the signal turns BLUE.
Tap Master key to activate Engine Dash,
You will be invincible in this state,
Move L/R and destroy other cars.

Hold on master key, to maintain top speed.
Release master key and decelerate.

Nitro Jump is a good way to avoid dangers.
Double Tap on master key, to use Nitro Jump.
Tap master key again when landing to use extra Nitro Dash,

As you drive, you'll find some cars towing an item.
Sneak behind and take their items.
Any other cars also give an item when you destroy em by luring into wall or obstructions.
Lure other s into wall and get items.

Oil Gauge is the amount of your leftover oil, race finishes when it's empty.
Oils recovers a bit every 15km. This gauge will show your distance to the next refill.

Signal Warning is When you see them pop up, get ready for upcoming obstruction.
If you fail to avoid them, tap quickly to restart your engine.
Random rocks blocking your way.
Upcoming bridge , follow the arrow to survive.

Watch out for TANKS as you drive, you'll find "The King" of driving along.
It attacks anything near, so quickly destroy it or run away from it's sight.

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