Sunday, January 10, 2016

MMA Federation Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How To Play?
Each Turn you get Moves. This is the Damage of the Move.
Tap the Lock button to unleash your Moves on your opponent!
Each Move has a Target where it Attacks or Defends
If either you or your Opponent run out of Health, the Fight is over!
At the start of each Turn you gain more Stamina.
It costs Stamina each time you use a Move.
If you've got enough Stamina you can use more than one Move.

Some Moves have Secondary Effects. Tap and Hold a Move to find out what they do.
Being Knocked out or Submitted will end a Fight instantly.
MMA is split into a number of Martial Arts Disciplines. Pick two Disciplines to start with. You can Train more later.
You can Train in the Gym to earn new Moves and other Rewards.

Remember - Train hard and learn new Moves to compete in MMA Tournaments around the world! Earn rewards, increase your rankings and become a Champion!

Other Tips
Invite and Fight your Friends in real-time Player
There are different modes of Fighting - MMA Career, Fight Online, Fight a Friend and Practice.
Train regularly to earn Moves to use in MMA Career, Fight Online, Fight a Friend and Practice.
Level Up Faster in MMA Career Mode!
Check out all of the Moview you have unlocked in My Movies.
Fight real MMA Legends in MMA Career mode.

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