Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mad Zone Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Does promotion benefits from enchanted items?
The answer is NO. All of your enchanted items can still be carried and get the benefits(stats), however the bonus stats gained from enchanting will not be carried anymore.
You will get Void Dust for every enchanted items when after promoting your hero.

What best items should I enchant?
HP/Energy regen items are the best followed by attack/magic damage.
Items that has a single stats or two will give more bonus stats when enchanted.
Avoid enchanting items when you're hero are qualified for promotion.

Other Enchant Tips

  • Never ever sell your enchant potions and your gear items! Mad Zone doesn't have inventory limit, so save your looted/bought items for enchant use.
  • Do not use your high rank items as your enchant material. They may give 6 or more value but it takes more missions or recipe items compared to 1-4 enchant material value items.
  • Buy enchant potions from crusade and other shops. Choose the larger value potion as you will save more money or badges compared to lesser value potions.