Monday, January 4, 2016

Last Kingdom War Z Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

4 Great Tips on playing Last Kingdom War Z

1. Gather Resources
*You can view all kinds of resource points in the Kingdom Map, gathering from them provides your Kingdom with resources.
*Chose a resource point and occupy it by deploying your troops. Once the troops have finished gathering, they will bring the resources back to your Kingdom.

2. Attack Monsters
*The monsters in the World must be gradually challenged one level at a time. After defeating them, you will obtain all kind of resources and items from them.
*Choose the amount of troops you want to dispatch to attack a monster. When the battle is over, the system will automatically send a report to your mailbox.

3. Attacking the Enemy
*You can "Scout" other Lords before attacking them. After receiving the Scout Report, you can then estimate the odds of winning and determine whether or not to battle.
*The higher the level of your Aerie, the more information you obtain when scouting a Castle.

4. About the House
*Click "House" below, and select Join. You will automatically join the House once the House Leader accepts you.
*Joining a House will provide you with all kinds of boosts and bonuses from House Technology, as well as House help when attacking enemies.

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