Saturday, January 2, 2016

Gram Fantasia Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gramfantasia Tips and Guide

The battle proceeds automatically when the video is playing.

Controlling your character will be taught during tutorial mode.

When you encounter an enemy, basic attacks will be automatically activated.

Damage from enemy attacks are reduced while your defense is active.

Use your companions special skill by tapping on their icon

You will get various rewards when you complete a stage.

You can take advantage of new Hero signings. They can be used in your party for upcoming battles

Eliminate enemies by using skills, defense and companion skill

You can change targets by swiping from side to side

You can see your targeted enemies by looking at the mark at the bottom of the unit

In an emergency situation, you can change the party leader

High ranked characters will use a powerful skill when they show up

You will get various rewards when you complete a stage.

For more powerful enemies, equipping new and better gears is required

Use EXP Potion to increase the level of characters

For fight stronger enemies, Item Enchantment is necessary

You should upgrade your hero to battle with powerful enemy.

The boss will indicate it will use a powerful skill by showing a symbol on it's body.

When a boss will use a powerful skill an Exclamation Mark will show, when the Exclamation Mark shows, You should activate your defend skill at the right time by tapping your Perfect Defense skill button.

A YELLOW exclamation mark is a warning, This mark means it's about to use a powerful skill.

As soon as a RED exclamation mark shows, Tap the Defense button right away!

If you succeed in a Perfect Defense, enemies will be weakened and You won't take any damage.

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