Sunday, January 3, 2016

Exiled Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stick to Lannegar Valley until you are level 3. Talk to everyone, including the alchemist and priest, for some easy XP. You'll be level 2 in no time. The captain has 2 quests, the first is very easy, the second one don't try until you are level 2.

Remember to sleep at inn to recharge your green healing button. It confused me at first.

Buy pieces of armor that increase your "shield", as soon as you can afford them.

When you are level 3, you can do the tomb quest (priest), and talk to the merchant in black in lannegar to escort him, that is a good quest. But don't try the insect quest at level 4 or you'll die. What you can try is to recruit your first companion, the redhead girl. You need to recover a ring, but carry some Death Resistance or you'll die to a Ghost guarding it. A potion will make it doable.

After recruiting a companion, and being full clad in leather (both you and her), things become much easier in these initial areas.

If you're dying often, you're just not running fast enough. You can outrun most monsters, and those that are fast, will stop to hit you, which will give you a good start to run away. Run to the guards, they'll save your butt, or just run to the area exit.

There are several skills and items that will help you survive. Rogue skill Kick, or Evasion. Warrior has Bash and Resilience. Cleric has Intervention. As for items, carry always a scroll of recall and a few healing potions.

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