Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Critter Academy Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tap the Critter icon to summon a Critter
into battle. Your Critters will
automatically use their Skills and fight

You need Energy to summon Critters to battle. Energy
increases every second during battle. You also collect Energy
by killing enemies.

Energy is also used to utilize Buffs like Attack, Defence and
HP. These stack with each use and make your Critters
stronger in battle.

Water does bonus damage to Fire.
Fire does bonus damage to Wind .
Wind does bonus damage to Earth.
Earth does bonus damage to Water

With each increase in your star level you unlock new Skills
your Critters can use in battle. Upgrading will make
your Critters a true force to be reckoned with!

Upgrading Skills costs Soul Coins, but
the more you upgrade their Skills, the
more powerful they become!

Just be sure to keep your Critters‘ Levels and Skills
upgraded so they can reach their full potential!

Maintain a good list of friends. Discard those that
are inactive. Be sure to gift Hope to them each
day - and they may send Hope in return.

Use Exchange to convert Gold to Soul Coins on a
daily basis. You need Soul Coins to Evolve and
Upgrade your Critters and equipment.

Challenge yourself in the Hard Levels to earn
extra EXP, and materials you'll need for
Upgrades and Evolves.