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Command Spell Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Noble Phantasm
Noble Phantasm are "crystallized mysteries", powerful armaments made using the imagination of humans as their core, and weapons or abilities owned by Servants. They are the embodiment of the ultimate mysteries of a hero that symbolizes his existence through historical facts and anecdotes.
There are three classifications given to certain Noble Phantasms such as Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm, Anti-Army Noble Phantasm and Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. In the game, every servant have their exclusive Noble Phantasm. Arthur's Excalibur, which unique skill is powerful full screen killing. When the Noble Phantasm is developed to a certain level, it will show more extreme kill ability and become the key role in deciding the final standings.

Magic is the power to use supernatural forces to make impossible things happen.
A magician is a practitioner of magic who attains objectives or acquires knowledge using supernatural means.
Magicians’ lives are full of “research”. Only a few of them use magic on something other than research such as make a profit.
As an important part of the game, magicians can give the team a strong support and deal large amounts of damage.

The function: Store is the main field for players to buy items in game. “Store” is divided into Grocery, Magic store, Luxury store and NP Store. Grocery is always opening. Magic store will be showed up by random when players clear the normal dungeons. Luxury store will be showed up by random when players clear relevant elite dungeons. The items in all kinds of stores will be refreshed automatically in 21:00(GMT+8) each day.
Grocery will refresh 6 items per time. Magic store and Luxury store will refresh 12 items per day separately. Players can spend golds and diamonds in related items. The main items in grocery are based equipment, command spells and resources. The main items in Magic store and are advanced equipment, advanced command spells and resources. In NP store, players can use royal roses or diamonds to exchange the rare NP. Please don’t miss it~!

System “Servant” is the most important core system in game. Players can check the growth process of their servants and summon the new servants.

Servant list:
Log in the game, tap “Servant” and players will see the their servants above which have already been summoned. The servants shows below have not been summoned yet. Players need to use 10 scarps to unlock 1 servant with star level-1, 20 scarps to upgrade 1 servant to star level-2 and 50 scarps to upgrade 1 servant to star level-3. Meanwhile, summon servants will consume relevant gold.

Level up:
Clear dungeons and using EXP books can enhance the Exp and levels of servants. But the level of servant cannot exceed the level of master.

Equipment and rank up:
When players tap “Servant”, the item shows at the right site of the servant will be available to be equipped. Servants can equip this item directly and get the item via from relevant dungeons. When equips 6 required items, the servant will rank up and it’s power and quality will be enhanced which may unlock the new skills.

Completed summon:
Players can enhance the star level of those servants which have been summoned via completed summon. Players need to collect enough scarps and golds to enhance the star level.

Upgrade skills:
Players not only can upgrade the skills of Master, the skills of servants also can be upgraded. The skill of white servant have one default skill. The skill will be unlocked with the growth of the quality, but the level of skills cannot exceed the level of servants.

Summon Circle
Summon circle is the main channel to get servants. According to the categories, summon circle can be divided into silver circle and golden circle.

The prizes of drawing the circles as below:
Silver circle : cost 10000 golds. It would be a probability to get the servants, normal equipment and the primary experience book.

Golden circle: cost 288 diamonds. It would be a probability to get the powerful servants, advanced equipment and intermediate experience book.
10-draw can get 10% off. Players can get the rare servants from the Golden circle.
Players can draw for free in sliver circle for 5 times per day and draw for free in Golden circle for 1 times every two days. In order to collect all your favorite servants, golden circle and sliver circle are the part of daily tasks you need to do per day.

Arena, the main source of players to get Military exploit. Players can gain ranking through competing with real players.
Meanwhile, you must seize the opportunity to achieve better ranking because the times of challenging arena are limited.

Rewards: You will be given rewards no matter if you win or lose in battle.
After successful challenge, players can gain great rewards. The higher you rank on arena , the more reward you can get.

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