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Big Bang Racing Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Big Bang Racing — Idea of the game
Big Bang Racing is a racing game where all the
levels are created by the players. You play as
goofy aliens that start researching Earth after
they accidentally capture our TV signals.
Your goal in the game is to research and test
the new vehicles, gadgets, materials and items
that the aliens see on our TV. You will drive
through your own path on the alien planet, test
everything on your way, build awesome new
levels and challenge others to race you for
fame and glory!

Game Modes
In Big Bang Racing you currently have three (3)
different game modes, Star Catching, Star
Racing and Builder Puzzle. The levels that you
encounter on your Path can be any of these
In Star Catching your goal is to find all three (3)
STARS hidden somewhere in the level. There is
no time limit. Star Catching levels can also be
featured as Daily Gems levels, where the stars
are replaced by gems.
In Star Racing your goal is to race to the goal as
fast as you can. Star Racing levels can also
appear as Versus Racing levels on your path.

Carl/Bike Controls
Car: Left arrow is brake/reverse, right arrow is
gas/forward. You can also use the arrows to tilt
the car while flying in the air.
Bike: The arrows on the left side of the screen
are for tilting — Left one tilts the bike
backwards, the right one tilts it forwards. The
arrows on the right side of the screen are for
gas and brake — Right one gas, left one brake.

Coins, Gems, Keys, Bolts
There are four (4) in-game currencies in use in
Big Bang Racing.
1. COINS - You earn coins when you play
levels on your main path. The more stars
you get from the level, the more coins you
earn. You can also earn coins by creating
your own levels. You can buy vehicle
upgrades and boosters with coins. If you
have gems, you can convert them to coins
in the in-game shop.
GEMS - You earn gems from the treasure
chests along your path, as well as from
the Daily Gems levels. You can also buy
gems from the in-game shop. Gems are
used to buy keys, rent vehicles and skip
levels that you don't want to play.
KEYS - Keys regenerate over time, but you
can also earn them from treasure chests
or by playing the Play&Rate levels. You
use keys to unlock the levels on your
path. You can refill your keys or buy more
key slots with gems. You have 10 slots to
start with.
BOLTS - Bolts are rare items, that you can
get for example from treasure chests.
Together with coins, bolts are used to
unlock the most powerful vehicle
upgrades available.

Upgrading Vehicles
You use COINS and later in the game BOLTS to
upgrade your vehicle. You can upgrade your
vehicle at the beginning of a new level in the
vehicle screen.
There are three (3) different features you can
upgrade in your car or bike.
1. Power - Increases the speed and thrust
power of your vehicle.
2. Grip - Affects how well your tires get a
hold on the surface. Makes it easier to
climb steep hills and break to full stop
3. Suspension - This feature affects your
vehicle's ability to maneuver in the air, as
well as the suspension and center of
mass of your vehicle. All of these give
more control over your vehicle, and make
it easier to drive.
By focusing your upgrade efforts into one
feature, you can create vehicles that are very
suitable for a specific thing, but might struggle
in other tasks. Or you can choose to upgrade
evenly, and have an all-round vehicle for
multiple purposes.
When you create levels you will always use your
own, upgraded vehicle. Other players can
choose to RENT yours, or try to beat your track
with their own car or bike.

Daily Gems
Daily Gems is an event that appears floating
next to your main path. There is a time limit
during which the level needs to be played or
otherwise it will disappear. Daily Gems is
always based on a random Star Catching level
created by another player. Instead of coins, you
will be rewarded with gems in these tracks.

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