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Tale Seeker: Puzzle RPG Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stage Clear Rank Guide
Dungeon Clear Rank indicates how well you performed on each Dungeon.
It ranges from D to S, and you may retry each Dungeon anytime to renew your rank.
You will receive a Title it you clear all Dungeons on a Stage with a certain rank or higher.
Ranks are determined lg the combination of the damage you receive an the number of Monster drops you find. An S rank is guaranteed if you clear a Dungeon without taking any damage!

Keys Guide
You will need keys to enter Key Dungeons.
You can see the status of the Key Dungeon by the locker and key icons below the Dungeon name.
Each Key Dungeon has its own Key and it will disappear once you use it to open e Dungeon.
You can also en er a Key Dungeon when your Friend uses their Key to open . But make sure that they are added on your Friends List before they use a Key.
Be aware that the Keys for Dungeon 15 will only drop from Dungeon 14 Boss Monsters.

Assistant Monster Guide
When you enter a Dungeon, you will bring an additional Monster to help you.
You can either bring a Friend's Monster or an Assistant Monster. Note that an Assistant Monsters will always be available for you to take to battle.
Whenever you clear a Story, a new Assistant Monster will be available. Assistant Monsters can only level-up by clearing Dungeons and playing the Arena, and cannot level-up through Fusing.
You will not be able to bring a Friend‘s Monster to the Arena as they are also in the battle to compete with everyone.

Special Evolve Conditions Guide
You will receive a slot for Special Evolution when you clear the following Stories:
- What Was My Name? (4th Story): 2 Star -> 3 Star
- l'm Hungry (8th Story): 3 Star -> 4 Star
- Definition of Rage (12th Story): 4 Star -> 5 Star
- l Envy You! (16th Story): 5 Star -> 6 Star
You will receive one slot each from Normal Dungeons, and another slot from Expert Dungeons The Monster needs to be Evolved to max, at max Level and Enchanted as follows:
- 2 Star Monster : No condition
- 3 Star Monster: ATK & HP +2
- 4 Star Monster: ATK & HP +5
- 5 Star Monster: ATK & HP +9 (max)
Alter Special Evolution, previous Enchant will be initialized
You can Cancel Special Evolution anytime you want and get the slot back. However, you need to spend Diamonds to Special Evolve again (first Special Evolve is free for each Star slot):
- 2 Star Monster: 3 Diamonds
- 3 Star Monster: 4 Diamonds
- 4 Star Monster: 5 Diamonds
- 5 Star Monster: 10 Diamonds

Special Evolution Effects Guide
At max level, the ATK & HP difference are:
- 2 Star -> 3 Star : +600
- 3 Star -> 4 Star : +500
- 4 Star -> 5 Star : +400
- 5 Star -> 6 Star : +300
One Active Skill will be assigned randomly. If it has one of the following Passive Skills, a new Passive Skill will also be assigned randomly:
- At Pair
- At Two Pairs
- At Triple
- Triple or Under
If the Monster's ATK is higher than their HP, a damaging Passive Skill will be assigned.
It the Monster's HP is higher than their ATK, a healing Passive Skill will be assigned.

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