Friday, December 25, 2015

Sky Armada Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What are the features of different units?
1. Fighter: The unit with high crit-resistance attacks enemies in a horizontal line and deals bonus damage to large aircraft. it has high defense against helicopters. 2. Rocketeer: The
unit has high dodge and high attack. It can deal bonus damage to fighters and grants high
defense against large aircraft; 3. Helicopter: Units with high precision can deal bonus
damage to rocketeers and has high defense against rocketeers; 4. Large Aircraft: Units with high-crit can deal massive AOE attacks. They have high HP and can deal great bonus damage to helicopters.

What is a hero? How do you use one?
Heroes are elite in war. They can increase their units‘ stats. And hero skills grant first hand
points and battle effects. A troop can have at most 6 heroes. If players get heroes they have already, those heroes will be turned into souls.

How do you upgrade a hero?
Heroes can be upgraded with Exp Books for stats that increase as heroes level up. When heroes reach the max level, you can spend their souls to star them up to win higher max levels and new skills.

How do you upgrade equipment?
Equipment can be enhanced with crystals for higher stats. The enhanced level can‘ t be higher than the character level; Modification also grants equipment stats. Materials for modification are available in the expedition and the ladder.

Does the alliance grant any benefits?
When the Command Center reach Lv.5, you can create or join an alliance to fight with other players. You can send troops to assist allies in defending their bases. Alliance techs grant members bonus stats and buffs.