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Pocket Summoner: Origin Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

PS: Origin Guide

Enchanting consumes the items, and the total amount of the extra power is limited by the level of the guard, which is shown as CP, short for Capacity.

For example, your DOGI's ability is self protection. Whenever they are attacked, their defenses will increase for a while.
That makes them good at defending consecutive attacks from speedy opponents.
That MIKI, is good at evading attacks.
Whenever it moves, it will be evading attacks for a few seconds.
So it is the best to attack only when it has slowed down.

If you weaken the spirit, you get the chance to master it or absorb its energy as crystal.
The crystals contain energy that allow your guards to learn new skills.
But it's much better to get more guards for now if you will need different types of guards to encounter different spirits.

Have you noticed the difference between DOGI and MIKI besides the skills and abilities?
The grounds they are standing look different too.
It is because the body type of the spirits are different.
DOGI has a NORMAL body type and MIkI has POISON body type, and the grounds they stand reflect that.
Each body type is strong and weak against certain types of attacks.
Also, attacks are either physical or magical.
Physical defense and magical defense power of a spirit determine the damage to be taken on either type of attacks.
You will learn more about that by fighting more types of spirits.

Oh, to best strong spirits, you will need to level up your guards too.
To do that, you will need to spend the mana you gained from winning the fights.
Note that your guards can never has higher levels than you.
So you need to train yourself too by completing more quests.

To make your guards stronger, powering them up with mana is not enough.
Also the materials that you can find from the village wont be enough for enchanting powerful spirits.
However we cant do them alone. We need helps from the others.
Lumberjack will help you to get woods, but you may also get more your own during your quests.
You may pick up some fallen woods or even chop down small trees with axes.
Give the lumberjack some time, you will be able to build more structures with enough materials.
After that we will start building more functional structures and invite more people to come to help us.

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