Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Money Tree City Cheats Insta Rewards and Guide for Android/iPhone Game

Money Gardeners: Rich people, working just for you
Special Buildings: Enterprises that generate money quickly! Buildings that give you access to mini-games!
Landmarks: Monuments that give bonuses to other buildings!
Decorations: No one is rich enough without plenty of fancy things

You can get instant daily rewards in Money Tree City game at anytime. You can get this cheat by changing your device time settings.
  1. Close the Money Tree City app by reboot (restarting the device) or by forced app exit through Multitasking Feature.
  2. Set your time in advance, about 1 day to get instant daily rewards.
  3. Open Money Tree City game and get the your rewards.
  4. If you want to get the rewards again, just repeat the process in the step 1-3.
If you want to go back at your current time/date just follow this steps
  1. Open Money Tree City game,
  2. Close the Money Tree City game by reboot (restarting the device) or by forced app exit through Multitasking Feature.
  3. Go to settings and change your time/date back to your current time/date.
  4. Open Money Tree City game and you can play again without any problems.

How to play without annoying ads? (No Ads Cheats)
Playing Money Tree City game is sometimes annoying because of intrusive ads, ads that may appear out of nowhere, ads that may block or occupy entire screen, Fortunately I have a (No Ads) cheat for you to use and play your Money Tree City game without those pesky annoying ads :)

You should turn off your WIFI/3G/LTE internet connection before you can open or launch your Money Tree City game. If you already launched the Money Tree City game, just force close or go to your multitask (Android: Multitask button, iOS: Double Tap Home Button) and swipe it out to force close the game. 

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