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Love Tangle: Shall We Date? Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Love Tangle+ Guide

My Room
Avatar is another yourself in the game. Your avatar is living in "My Room", which is your avatar‘s
housing area. You can enjoy coordinating your avatar‘s fashion style by dressing in avatar items.
There is your boyfriend‘s avatar, and you can enjoy coordinating his fashion style as well.
Avatar Item
The wearable item of the avatars. It includes such as clothes, accessories, background and effects.

Style Point
Each avatar item has one of four types of fashion styles and its points. Style Point refers to a single
category‘s total points of the avatar items‘ fashion style, which your avatar is currently wearing.
For example, there are an item with Elegance 30pt and Cuteness Z0pt and another one with
Elegance 20pt and Cuteness 40pt, and if your avatar is wearing them, the Style points of Elegance is 50pt and the one of Cuteness is 60pt.

Avatar‘ Item checkpoint
A kind of checkpoints that requires you to have a specific avatar item, the premium item.
when you face an avatar item checkpoint, you can proceed to the Premium Story by wearing the
premium item. Unlike other stories, the Premium Story will be saved in your Album once you
complete reading it, and you can read it anytime as much as you want.
Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
A kind of checkpoints that you can pass by raising Talent-n-Skills. You can raise your Talent-n- Skills in Pop‘n Sweet Cafe. To take advantage to

Pop'n Sweet Cafe
All about Pop's Sweet Cafe
It's the mini game that you can cook dishes to earn Talent-n-Skills and Kaled Cash!
There are 5 recipes to unlock for each character. The more you cook, the more you unlock new recipes for himl Once you fully learn the recipe. you'll get the prize story of the character.
First, choose an open dish. and pick a character and his favorite recipe. Once you start cooking it the cooking time is shown above the cooking dish. You can shorten the time by using Magic Cooking Item here.
When the dish is well cooked. collect it, and earn Talent-n-Skills and Kaled Cash!
If you want to cook more dishes at a time, try to unlock the sealed dishes by using Diamond.

Many Gachas
It's the mini game that you can draw the rare prizes and sorne useful items. There are several kinds of Gacha-Raffles: Better-half Gacha, Kaled Cash Gaeha, and Event Gacha.
Better-half Gacha - The main gaeha that is unlocked by your main story progress.
Kaled Cash Gacha - The gacha that you can play using Kaled Cash .
Event Gaeha - The gacha that you can play using Diamonds.

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