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Hungry Babies Mania Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Frequently Asked Questions
Hungry Babies takes you on a Treat-matching journey to feed all kinds of Babies! Use this FAQ to learn the basics of how to play and answer any questions you may have about the unique features of Hungry Babies.

How do I collect Treats and win a level?
To win, you need to collect Treats from the puzzle by matching them. Each Baby will indicate which types of Treats you need to feed them. Match 3 or more Treats of the same color to clear them from the puzzle and collect them. Any Treats above them will fall into the spaces where the matched ones were.
How do I swap Treats?
Tap your finger on the screen over the Treat you want to swap, and drag it to the Treat that you want to swap it with.
What are moves?
A move is swapping one pair of Treats. You only have a limited number of moves to win each level. If you run out of moves before you collect all the Treats you need, you will have to try the level again!
What are lives?
You need to have at least 1 life to play a level. If you lose the level, you'll lose a life. Lives regenerate over time though!
What are stars?
You'll be awarded up to 3 stars per level based on how high your score is when you complete that level.

What are the types of levels?
There are four types of levels:
Lunch Mode - You have to feed all of the babies within a certain amount of moves.
Sleepy Mode - Babies are sleeping! In order to feed them, you have to first wake them up by matching next to the Alarm Clocks in the level to activate them.
Digging Mode - You have to dig down and clear dirt tiles to progress deeper and find peanuts. Peanuts are hidden in the dirt.
Group Mode - Just like Lunch Mode, you have to feed all of the babies in the level to win. But in Group Mode, babies don't leave until all babies in a group are completely fed.
How do I collect Honey on the gameboard?
To collect Honey, you have to first break Honey Pots by matching directly next to them. Then, you need to clear any Treat on top of where the Honey splattered.
How do I clear the blocks of dirt in Digging levels?
To clear dirt, match any Treat next to it. Some dirt takes more than one match to clear.

How do I make a Special Treat?
A Special Treat is made when you match 4, 5, or more Treats. The Special Treat appears in the spot where you swapped a Treat to make a match. Each type of Special Treat is made from a different combination.
Row or Column Juice Box - made by matching 4 in a row.
Jam Jar - made by matching 4 in a 2x2 square.
Cross Juice Box - made by matching 5 in a '+', 'T', or 'L' shape.
Rainbow Smoothie - made by matching 5 in a row.
How do I activate a Special Treat?
Activate a Special Treat by making a match of 3 or more with it!
How does a Row or Column Juice Box work?
When activated, the Juice Box will clear the entire row or column it is on, based on the direction of the effect that is on the Juice Box.
How does a Jam Jar work?
When activated, the Jam Jar will clear the Treats in the surrounding 3x3 square that the Jam Jar is centered in.
How does a Cross Juice Box work?
When activated, the Cross Juice Box will clear both the entire row and column it is on.
How does a Rainbow Smoothie work?
You activate a Rainbow Smoothie by swapping it with another Treat. When activated, all Treats of that color are cleared from the gameboard.

How does scoring work?
Each Treat that you clear is worth 100 points.
Each Special Treat that you clear and activate is worth 1000 points. Treats cleared by a Special Treat are 500 points each.
Each obstacle cleared is worth 1000 points.
What happens when I feed all of the babies in a level?
Any Special Treats remaining on the gameboard activate, giving you bonus points. Additionally, if you complete a level with moves left over, more Special Treats will appear on the gameboard and activate, raising your score even higher!

What are boosts?
Boosts are items that you can purchase that will help you win levels and get higher scores. For the first few levels of the games, boosts are not available. You will unlock them as you progress through the levels.
Where can I get boosts?
Boosts can be purchased at the pre-game level screen (after selecting a level on the map) or at the bottom of the screen during a level.
What are the effects of boosts?
To find out the effect of each boost, tap on its icon for a description.
I'm so close to beating a level! How do I buy boosts at the end of a level?
If you run out of moves before winning a level, you'll have a chance to buy a few more moves to help you win.
How can I get more Gems?
On the map screen, there is a + button that you can tap to add more Gems.

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