Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Movie Studio Story Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Movie Studio Story Guide

Pick the best Comedy actor from the list based on Star Rating.
Pick a good comedy set. After using a Set for the first time, you'll see if it matches the genre.
Take a not of Fame Points before you collect the revenue.
They determine where we rank against other studios

Build a Screenwriter's Office so we can write our own scripts.
Whenever we finish a Task or a timer completes, our studio gets XP. Watch the XP Bar at the top fill up!
Every movie starts with a Screenplay. Good thinking hiring that screenwriter!
Upgrade Screen writer's office to gain access to new movie genres.

Movie Hub from here you can start a new film or check on an existing one.
Before we can shoot we need to write a Screenplay.
You'll get a lot more Fame Points and revenue if you match right sets with right genres!

When our employees level up they gain skill points which can be used to increase their genre expertise.
After lvl 5, actors will start to request personal trailers. Without one, they won't gain as much XP as they can.
Contracts are a great way to earn additional cash. Stage contracts wants to borrow our crew member.
You can't do a Contract if the building is already occupied, but you can speed things up from this menu.

The Movie League highlights the most distinguished studios all around the world. Earn Fame Points by making movies to climb your way to the top!
Fan clubs can boost Movie Magic production. Open them all across the USA!
Get Daily Reward! Log in daily to collect them and on the 7th day you'll get something !

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