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Hello! Kungfu Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

9 Wonderful events are await for you!

【Event 1】Login 7 days to get Ms. Dragon!
【Event Time】7 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 7th day)
【Content】During event time,login continuously to get God Equipment, plenty of Ingots and Purple God Hero-Ms. Dragon!
Total Login for 1 day:Ingots*100
Total Login for 2 days:New Player God Equipment·Crape Hat*1
Total Login for 3 days:Ingots*150
Total Login for 4 days:Training Pill*500
Total Login for 5 days:Recruitment(H)*2
Total Login for 6 days:Ingots*200
Total Login for 7 days:Purple God Hero-Ms. Dragon*1

【Event 2】Daily Level up to win Ingots!
【Event Time】5 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 5th day)
【Content】During event time, level up to appointed level of every day to get Ingots, Magic charms!
Level up to Lv.17:Ingots*50,Food*25000,Green Stone*5,2-Stars Peach *2
Level up to Lv.24:Ingots*80,Food*40000,Blue charm·Break*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Level up to Lv.29:Ingots*120,Food*60000,Blue charm·Break*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Level up to Lv.33:Ingots*160,Food*80000,Purple charm·War*5,2-Stars Peach*2
Level up to Lv.37:Ingots*200,Food*100000,Purple charm·War*5,2-Stars Peach*2

【Event 3】Double Gift For First Deposit!
【Event Time】7 days after creating a character
【Content】Double Gift is coming!Double Ingots bonus + Epic treasure + kinds of items! Every one has 1 chance to get! Don’t hesitate! Hurry up! The event time is only 7 days after creating a character!
【Reward】First deposit to get double Ingots bonus, Silver*100000,New Player God Equipment·Crape Sword*1,Food*100000,Protector*1(Destined treasure for Hero Xiang)

【Event 4】Rewards of Total Deposit!
【Event Time】5 days after new server opened(End at 24:00 of the 5th day)
【Content】During event time, deposit accumulatively to appointed amount to get Purple God Hero-Huang Rong and Guo Jing, moreover, destined treasures are given! Don’t miss it!
Total 9 dollars:Food*30000,1-Star Peach*3,S. Pill(L)*1,Recruitment(H)*1
Total 17 dollars:Silver*50000,1-Star Peach*3,S. Pill(L)*1,Purple God Hero-Huang Rong*1
Total 50 dollars:Food*60000,1-Star Peach*3,Breakthrough Pill*2,Jade Stick*1(Destined treasure of Huang Rong)
Total 84 dollars:Silver*70000,2-Stars Peach*3,T-Box Gift*1,Purple God Hero-Huang Rong*1
Total 167 dollars:Food*80000,2-Stars Peach*3,Breakthrough Pill*3,Purple God Hero-Guo Jing*1
Total 500 dollars:Silver*90000,3-Stars Peach*3,Purple Treasure Exp*2,Xianglong*1(Destined treasure of Guo Jing)
Total 834 dollars:Food*100000,3-Stars Peach*3,9-Sky Jade*100,Purple God Hero-Guo Jing*2
【Tips】Huang Rong and Guo Jing have destiny as ‘Endless Love’(ATK+13%)

【Event 5】Invest For High Earnings!
【Event Time】7 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 7th day)
【Content】During event time, go to 【Fortune】 to invest in 【Grow up】, you can get 5000 Ingots as earnings by using only 1000 Ingots.Such a chance must not be missed. Go for it!

【Event 6】VIP Benifits Await For You!
【Event Time】Forever
【Content】During event time, to be a VIP member can get VIP privilege + Super Discount Gift Bag, moreover, Purple God Hero-Yang Guo is given!
VIP1:V1 privilege + Bronze Box*2,Bronze Key*2,Stamina Pill*1
VIP2:V2 privilege + Bronze Box*3,Bronze Key*3,New Player God Equipment·Crape Armor*1
VIP3:V3 privilege + Bronze Box*4,Bronze Key*4,Breakthrough Pill*1
VIP4:V4 privilege + Silver Box*2,Silver Key*2,Purple Treasure:Seal*1
VIP5:V5 privilege + Silver Box*3,Silver Key*3,Purple God Hero-Yang Guo*1
VIP6~12:Check VIP introduction in game for details.

Introduction of 【Yang Guo】
Unique-skill(S grade-Rapture):Use Rapture Dark Sword to attack all enemies, deal medium damage and reduce defense of all enemies for 2 turns
Basic Attribute(★☆☆☆☆):
16-Years-leaves:On field with Ms. Dragon ATK++13%
Human+Eagle:On field with Ms. Eagle ATK+25%
Great Hero:On field with Guo Jing,Hu Fei,Chengzhi ATK+25%,DEF+25%

Treasure Destiny:
Pure Sword:Equipped with Treasure-Pure Sword ATK+20%
Tai A:Equipped with Treasure-Tai A DEF+20%
Yu Nv:Equipped with Treasure-Yu Nv HP+20%

【Event 7】Summon Hero to Get Gift!
【Event Time】3 days after creating a character(End at 24:00 of the 3rd day)
【Content】During event time, summon hero and reach the condition to get abundant rewards!
Summon and get 2 Purple Hero:Silver*20000,Stamina Pill*1,1-Star Peach*2,Training Pill*100
Summon and get 4 Purple Hero:Silver*50000,Stamina Pill*1,1-Star Peach*2,Breakthrough Pill*1
Summon and get 6 Purple Hero:Silver*80000,Stamina Pill*1,1-Star Peach*2*5,Breakthrough Pill*3

【Event 8】PK to Be the Real Hero!
【Event Time】The 5th day 21:00 after new server opened
【Content】During new server time, players whose ranking at first 20 in tournament can get great rewards! The ranking will be counted at 21:00 on the 5th day after new server opened.
No.1:Silver*500000,Ingots1000,Training Pill*500,Pure Sword*1(Destined treasure of Hero-Yang Guo)
No.2:Silver*400000,Ingots500,Training Pill*400,Yunv Knack*1(Destined treasure of Hero-Ms. Dragon)
No.3:Silver*300000,Ingots 300,Training Pill*300,Anecdotes*1(Destined treasure of Hero-Yuyan)
No.4-10:Silver*200000,Ingots200,Training Pill*200,Purple Treasure Exp*1
No.11-20:Silver*100000,Ingots100,Training Pill*100,Blue Treasure Exp*1

【Event 9】Time limit to draw Hero
【Event Time】5 days after server opened(End at 23:59 of the 5th day)
【Content】During event time,deposit at least a single value of 0.5 dollar everyday, you can use Advanced Summon for 90% off at 8:00~24:00 of that day, it costs only 28 Ingots!
(1)Can summon during 08:00—24:00 everyday;
(2)Can enjoy 1 chance to summon at 90% discount everyday;
(3)Deposit continuously for 5 days and you will get extra 1 free chance to Advanced Summon!

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