Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glory Guardians Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Power Up!
Summoner’s power comes from heroes. They are your teammates and partners. You should grow up with them together. Now let me give you a brief conclusion about how to power up.

Tauren is looked down by Bushren. What should he do?

a. Level hero up to enhance hero basic attributes such as attack, defense, HP, etc. Hero level also limits gear level. When you summon a new hero, you can let your hero to read Exp book for a faster level-up.

b. Leveling gear up can raise your power but not so obvious. Maybe you think it costs too much, it’s unworthy, but you may also lose 3-stars rating for an instance or be conquered by other summoners due to a little power different. Gear of higher level increases more power.

c. Combining gear & evolving hero are not isolated. Hero can only evolve after collecting all 6 pieces of gear. Complete more instances and join adundant events to collect materials!
★Tip: how to collect materials for combining gear?
Tap a gear in Hero interface → Tap the right upper button "Combine"  → See "Advanced Material" and tap the one you don't have enough, then you can see all instances providing the material. Challenge or sweep them to collect enough materials! )

d. Raising hero star up enhance your hero obviously. It only requires hero pieces which you can get from elite instance and different stores. By the way, some events also provide hero piece rewards.
★Tip: how to collect enough hero pieces?
Tap "Source" button in Hero interface, then you can see all instances providing the hero piece.

e. Leveling up skill doesn't improve your power but help you conquer instances or beat other summoners more easily. Don't forget to level hero skill up before your points become full.
★Tip: open the toast notification about skill points to avoiding missing any skill point!

Tauren becomes even stronger than King Kong.

How to use gems!
I guess you’ve been rewarded enough gems from purchase or events as well. (See facebook event details at the pinned post; see Server Opening Event at in-game announcement.) But some summoners are confused about using gems. Now let me give you some suggestions.

1. Purchase Energy
Each Summoner can purchase energy 3 times at least. We suggest you use the 3 times out to complete more instances. It's the key to level up and enhance your team. That maybe a reason why some paid summoners don't do well in "Power Up" event. For high VIP Summoners, you need consider carefully about how many times you purchase, because more times you purchase, higher the cost becomes.

2. Summon by Gems
When you first tap “1 time” button to summon (excluding free summon), you’ll get a 3-stars hero randomly.
Tapping “10 times” button to summon also gives 1 hero at least.
So collecting enough gems to make “10 times” summon is recommended. You can also level VIP up to get discount of summoning.

3. Purchase VIP Gift
Some Summoners level their VIP up but forget to purchase VIP Gift. What a pity~ Every VIP level gives different gifts. We suggest you purchasing all gifts. Then you can get Magic Tuner (80 pieces), Loong Lee (80 pieces) and Card King (80 pieces) at VIP5, VIP10, VIP15 respectively. They’ll greatly enhance your team!

4. Purchase Skill Points
Skill points don't improve your power but don't ignore them. If you don't level skills up, heroes won't exert their full strength. See their skill details to choose a best order to level skills.

5. Reset Elite Instance
Elite instance is a source of hero pieces. Here you enjoy more freedom in choosing a hero. Reset elite instance to get more times to collect hero piece!

6. Purchase Hero Piece at Store
Normal Store is refreshed 4 times a day at 9:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00. Other stores are refreshed at 21:00. You can use gems to buy heroes at different stores depending on their attribute. If you are a unpaid summoner (Mystery and Peddler stores are locked), we suggest you use out all 5 times to challenge at Arena.  

Level Up!
Want to level up faster? I think it draws Summoners much attention. Let’s begin from here today.
We can get EXP from completing instance, in other words, from consuming energy. But energy is limited relatively. So it’s very important to get more energy and distribute energy reasonably.

★About getting energy
Maybe you’re afraid that it’s a little slow to waiting for energy restoration (1 energy per 6 minutes). Don’t worry, there are 3 methods to get more energy:
1. Every online summoner can claim 60 energy respectively in 3 duration (12:00pm-14:00, 18:00-20:00, 21:00-23:00).
2. Some energy can be gotten when summoners level up.
3. Every summoner can also use gems to buy 120 energy for 3 times. If you want to get more times, level you VIP up.

★About energy distribution
Smart summoners must have found that completing daily quest is an easier way to earn much EXP than only sweeping instances. It helps you level up faster! Be sure to complete all daily quests!