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Game of Summoner Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Game of Summoner: A Song of Heroes Guide

Hero selection
 First is selection of a hero. That is a difficult one! And most of you have probably already picked before you read this. To be honest: The ones you can get from the start are not the best heroes in the game and I wouldn't put a lot of effort into upgrading them very much. There are so many other heros that are better. But from the start you will still use it for a while. I would today probably pick the Warrior Nordgard Axeman since getting some decent heros in the front is the hardest from the start.

After finishing the guide/intro help from the start of the game there is one thing you should do as soon as you can: Find friends. Use this forum or Facebook Get at least 25 friends from the start. It takes a bit of time, but it will soon be worth it. You can get some decent heros from friend points. Especially the Nordgard Defender - Aric is very good from the start. You find this under "Community"

Green indicator
When that is done remember to always look for the small green "pearl" in different places. Those are indicators that says there is something you can do there. Often they light up for you to collect things. That is always a good thing

Level up!
In the start you should try to level up as fast as you can. A lot of new things are opened at certain levels, so get at least to level 30 fast. To level up you need Stamina (the blue indicator). Therefore you should always use available stamina and never let it be on max level. Using the free stamina when you can is always a good thing. To level up faster you should always complete as many "Daily tasks" as possible. The tasks are viewable under the letter icon on the left side of the main screen.

You get one free opening of the Ancient box every 48 hours. That is one you HAVE TO open when you can. It's the best chance to get something very nice for free. You can also for free open the Common Box 3 times a day. Of course you should do this too.

You should enter the Arena as soon as you can. You have 10 fights for free every day, and especially from the start you should use them. Even if you don't win you will get closer to the next achievement (number of fights, not wins, in the Arena). Using the Arena points you can buy souls that later will become heros. My first choice of Epic hero is The Stone Wizard - Mason. He is very good agains physical heroes. From the rare heroes it's more difficult to decide, but I would probably go for Wraith King - Morris. He will perform best long term (some will maybe disagree here?). He has a very helpful skill set that becomes even more helpful later in the game.

Dragon's Treasures
This is something that is free and you should go as far as you can every day. Using as many heros from the start is a way to go further. From the start the battles are easy and you can fill up the skill bar on the weaker heros. That can help you later on when your main team heroes gets killed. The Dragon's Treasures can be reset every day.

Under Heroes you can upgrade your heroes in different ways. Skill point that you get for free should be used on the heroes you plan to keep. On the right side you see the equipment. These should be upgraded using Upgrade Stone and Combined using different items. Always start with your best heroes when you upgrade.

Which heroes from the start?
This is a difficult question. There are many ways to build a deck. Because of the front row with mainly Warriors the game makes it a lot easier to focus on a physical team. If you are going to have a mainly physical team there is one hero that you should try to get: Sarini Conjurer. This hero will help the physical attacking power from the start for ALL heroes on your team (it will not help Casters and Priests). It also remove all negative effects on your team with it's skill "Revive" that even adds a small amount of health points. As mentioned the Nordgard Defender - Aric is very good early on. And you can easily get many souls early on for it. The best non-physical hero you get early is Dendrian Scorpion Fiend. This is a caster that is very strong and unless you decide to go purely physical this is a good choice.

The decision when it comes to which heroes to go for relies a lot of what you get from the start in the game. It's somewhat random, but some heroes are a lot more common than others.

I wouldn't recommend leveling any Common or Uncommon heros. They soon become a lot less valuable.

Spending real money
If you plan to spend any money in the game I would suggest starting with the Epic Hero you can get for $ 5 (or similar in other currencies) as soon as possible. Not only does it help you getting a good front row hero, but it also helps for your VIP level. The higher VIP level you have the faster and more often you can do things in the game.

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