Sunday, November 29, 2015

Clone Armies Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Start the mission by creating your first clone.
Some clones have different controls.
The blue triangle above clone's head represent his health.
Try to kill as many enemy clones as possible before your clone dies.
Once your clone dies the game is not over, you can create more of them.
You receive blue coins for killing enemy clones.
Blue coins can be used to buy more advanced clones.
The less clones you use to complete the mission the more stars you get.

In the shop you can unlock new clones skins. Gain coins and try your clones in the showroom.
You can see the remaining time on top of the screen. If you ran out of the time. You have to start over.
Remember, the amount of stars you get for completing level depends on the amount of clones you use.
Level Bonus is the amount of coins you get by achieving certain amount of stars for the first time.

In Endless Mode, your goal is to get as far as possible using limited number of clones and time.
You gain additional time and clones when you find and destroy enemy cloning machines.
If you picked up a token. You can redeem it at the end of the mission for random prize.

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