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Call of Champions Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Call of Champions: Cobal, Seraphina and Avalanche Guides


Early Game
At the start of the match, try to go with a teammate. Cobal can effectively solo, but is better paired with an ally. Often your ally can get to the powerup faster than you, so hold down the lane by yourself while they battle for the powerup. At the early points of the game you want to hold against any pushes. This phase of the game is best to try and get a kill advantage and only push towers if you can successfully come out on top. Try to catch an opponent out with Apprehend and kill them as fast as possible. You can take control of the lane and powerups just with the threat of Apprehend.

Tower Defense
Cobal is great at defending a tower, whether against 1 or 2. In a one on one situation, defend the tower such that the orb cannot be pushed into range to start hurting your tower. When your enemy tries to push in, use Apprehend to pull them into tower range and follow up with a Riotous Strike or Spectrum Blast to slow them down as they limp away taking full damage tower shots.
If you find yourself up against 2 opponents, do everything you can to slow them down. Casting Conviction followed by Spectrum Blast is a good deterrent for your enemies; they cannot hurt you and if they don’t get away they’ll take a large burst of damage. Suppressing Shot will also help further this slowing effect and cause enemies to take more tower damage than they hoped for. If they push past you into the tower, try to isolate the target that deals the most damage with Apprehend and focusing them down.

Pushing Towers
As Cobal, you want to be the first Champion to rush into the tower. You have higher health than other Champions, and can use Conviction if needed for safety. As you’re pushing the orb into a tower, you can pop Conviction to negate the full damage tower shots. Once you have the orb in place each of your abilities aside from Apprehend will damage the tower. Plan out your goal, am I giving my full damage to the tower right now, or am I just doing what damage I can safely. This will determine if you fire every ability into the tower or if you same some for enemy champions that may come stop you. Don’t forget that a fully charged Spectrum Blast will deal much more damage to the tower than an uncharged Spectrum Blast.

The Team Fight
When in a team fight as Cobal, stick to your role is a protective tank with a surprising burst of damage. First and foremost you want to protect your damage dealer. If you’re fighting with a mage, they require your protection. Keep enemy tanks and assassins off of them with Apprehend, Suppressing Shot, and Riotous Drive. If you’re fighting with an Assassin they may be able to slip around the fight better and you can focus on the enemy team’s damage dealer. Line up an Apprehend to pull the damage dealer to you, and follow up with a Riotous Drive or Suppressing Shot to hold them in place. Once they’re slowed begin charging Spectrum Blast and hit them with as much damage as possible!

Using Conviction Wisely
Conviction is an amazing part of Cobal’s kit when used effectively. Going invulnerable can waste a lot of damage your opponent is trying to put on you, so try to use it to effectively mitigate the most damage possible. When you see a Champion begin their combo, pop Conviction to interrupt the combo and cause them to waste damage. Some examples include Seraphina using Atonement, Cinder firing off a Searing Flame, or Violet’s Itsy Bitsy Spidy. Proper use of Conviction can greatly swing a fight in your favor.


Early Game
Seraphina is one of the fastest Champions in the game, giving her a high probability to reach the powerup. A good strategy is to leave from the middle of the base and aim for the powerup which will most benefit your team. If you feel safe you can use Ascension right away to give yourself a boost of speed on the way. Grabbing this powerup will keep this advantage away from your opponents, and let you potentially start the game one step up. From this point on you can try to share the powerup, deny the opponent from sharing the powerup, or return to a lane to push/defend.

Pushing Towers
Because of the damage from Atonement, Seraphina is one of the best tower pushers in the game. Be sure to focus the basic attacks onto the Tower rather than the enemy Champions. If you have a teammate with you, have them distract/scare away the enemy while you focus on taking down the tower. Once your stacks of Atonement are gone, you can change focus to help kill the enemy with AoE or get out from the tower.

Tower Defense
Defending a tower alone is dangerous for Seraphina. She’s weak to multiple forms of crowd control and is susceptible to damage. Try to defend at the furthest point of your tower’s attack range, using your high mobility and snare from Judgement to slow the opponent within the tower while safely escaping. If your enemy is already on the tower, focus them down with Atonement. They will have to choose between trying to fight you and taking down the tower; you can at least stall them while waiting for teammates.

If you find yourself defending against multiple enemies, focus on the one with the highest damage output while calling for help. If you can take out the highest damage dealer, you can minimize the damage done to your turret and potentially escape to come back and clean up the other.

Team Fighting
Seraphina wants to weave in and out of teamfights, applying damage to high priority targets and then jumping away before focus is turned on her.

Prepare for a teamfight with Atonement. Once you are prepared to go in, or your teammate has already initiated, if you have Atonement already activated you can save yourself the cast time of an ability. Save Judgement if possible, this is a valuable dodging skill and can also be used to slow down a fleeing enemy. If you are the only engage on your team, try to land Judgement on as many enemies as possible, but be ready to Ascension out afterwards. You can draw enemy fire but you are a squishy target.


Avalanche Strengths:
Great for defending – Because Avalanche has multiple ways of freezing enemy targets, he an exceptional champion for stopping enemies and defending towers.
Great in a team fight – Because Avalanche can crowd-control, he’s a great teammate to have in a fight.
Combos off of frozen enemies – Frozen enemies present Avalanche with bonus damage when using Ice Breaker and bonus healing when using Squall.
Avalanche Weaknesses:
Weak damage – Besides Ice Breaker, and Squall, basic attacks are the only other damage Avalanche has.
Weak against ranged enemies – Enemies such as Cinder and Modus can keep their distance while attacking Avalanche rendering his melee attacks ineffective.
Weak against towers – Towers are immune to crowd control, so Avalanche cannot freeze a tower and use Ice Breaker for bonus damage. Likewise, using Hailstorm under a tower will not temporarily freeze that tower each time Avalanche basic attacks. Hypothermia can be used, but since towers are never frozen, the ability is only partially effective.

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