Monday, November 30, 2015

Age of Dark Kingdom Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

(1)You can use stones to intensify your equipment. The better the stone is, the higher the success rate will be.
(2)Crystals can improve the success rate of intensifying equipment, and Anti-breaking Seal can protect your equipment from being broken in intensifying progress.
(3)Perfect intensifying will cost you some gems, so that you can intensify equipment successfully.

(1) When your equipment is intensified to Four-Star, Eight-Star and Twelve-Star, it will open a inlaying socket.
(2) You can inlay only one jewel with the certain attribute into one equipment.
(3) Perfect inlaying will cost you some gems to make sure that you can intensify equipments successfully.

(1) 3 stones/jewels can be combined to 1 more advanced stone/jewel.
(2) Stones/Jewels will disappear if combining fail. But you can use crystals to improve the success rate of combining.
(3) Perfect Combining will cost you some gems to make sure that you can combine them successfully.

(1) If you want to disenchant an equipment, you have to have intensified the equipment once.
(2) The higher the Star Level of the equipment is, the better stones you can get after disenchanting.
(3) If you disenchant a bound equipment, the stone you get after disenchanting will be also a bound one.

(1) The flow of goods can promote the prosperity of the market. Tap the head icon of player, and then tap Trade to trade with the player.
(2) Of course, you can mutually exchange your goods after being allowed by the player. Left is trade field, right is your bag.
(3) However, do not forget to confirm correct items and money before the transaction, or you will lose everything.
(4) If the player is kind, you can add him as your friend, because where there is friend, there is way.