Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tom In Space Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Feed pets:
The pets will he hungry alter 30 seconds, then they have a "Food" icon above their head, you
just clicks on the pets to Feed them, if not they will die
Each pet has its own functionalities, such as:
Cows and pigs will produce coins. but cows produce coins faster than pig.
Dogs will help you pick up coins
Giraffes help you to feed other pets
Cats will produce diamond
Monsters use to attack your friend’: Farm, catch pets and ransom
Elephants & dragons protect your pets from monsters attacking 8. thefts

Collect coin:
Cow 8 pig will produce coins. you have to collect these coin by clicking on them, if not. they
will disappear. Moreover, you also feed dogs because their mission is to collect coins

Collect gems:
Cat's mission is to produce gems and you have to click on the gems to collect them. if not
they will disappear after 2 minutes

You can buy pets. gems and coin in store
You can find Pets Functionalities and purchase them in the store. The value of each per will
ascend after you purchase it
Gems are used to promote the mature time, increase stealing times and complete the goals.
Therefore. you can buy more gems in store to do above things You also buy more coins to buy
protected pets.

Breeding [Cross-breed)
You must finish the goal of each habitat to unlock a new one and hybrid pets. You have to
cross breed 2 mature pets together by UFO to born a new creature living in a new habitat
Mature pets have a "heart" icon above their head. you click on the pet, then "UFO" icon to
start breeding

Sell pets:
Each pet can sell to recover money, but their value is much lower than when buying
To sell pets. you click on the pet. then "I" icon. the information about the pet and its price
will display, then you click on "Sale" button

The game has many habitats: you must complete the goal of each habitat to unlock the new
A lot of interesting things await your pets in higher habitat, that they will stronger, produce
more coins and especially they will look more beautiful
You click on "Habitat" icon in the left screen to move between habitats

Defend pets:
When the screen becomes dark, this is a signal that monsters will attack your farm. You
must fight against them by clicking on the monsters
In addition, you can purchase elephant or dragon to them automatically expel monsters