Monday, October 26, 2015

Super City Smash Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Goal of the Game
SuperCitySmash is a game in which players build cities and try to
increase their population.
It is a city building contest in which players compete on the reality TV
show "SuperCitySmash" to help their company build bigger cities and
earn more Development Points than their opponents.

Construct Buildings from the Shop
You can purchase roads and expand your land in the "Shop menu.
You will need "Coins" and "Items" to purchase buildings.

Increasing your Population
You need "Residential" buildings to increase your population.
Placing positively effective buildings near your
"Residential" buildings will increase your population.

Leveling Up your Buildings
Buildings become more effective as you level them up

Building Expansion
Buildings‘ appearances change and they become more effective if you expand them.

Checking Building Skills
You can see a building's details by pressing the [i] button.
You can also check on new [skills] a building gets when leveling up.

Collecting Coins
You get coins from "Commercial| Buildings."
Swipe across coin balloons to gather them all at once.

"Diamonds" can be acquired by completing quests and from daily
bonuses. You can also purchase them by tapping the [+] button.

You'll need "Items" to purchase and level up certain buildings.
You can produce "Items" at "Industrial" buildings.
You may also get them by helping out a friend, or as presents from your citizens,
in which case you can also get rare items.

Special Buildings
Buildings with "Specialists" can use special abilities.
You have to wait a bit between uses of these special skills.