Monday, October 26, 2015

Soccer Superstar Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

There are 3 BASIC SKILLS which you can improve in training
sessions. This number indicates your average.

Social Life
Your Relationships depends on your Social Life

In the shop you can purchase items that increase your
LIFESTYLE and allow you to collect bonuses.

Get a Trainer
A personal trainer will help you administer your ENERGY
LEVEL and will remind you when you need to train a
particular SKILL before losing it.

Get an Agent
You can hire an agent to improve your finances. Increase
your salary considerably.

You have 3 Slots for your gear.
Boots : Increase your STRENGTH.
Shin pads : Improve your FREE KICKS.
GYM Sessions : Improve your TECHNIQUE.
Remember that these go down with every game you play

In this section your coach will tell you if you have been
picked for the next match. On occasions you will only be
brought on as a sub, or left on the bench the entire game!
The reason for the coach's decision will appear here.
Maybe you can fix the problem before the next game...

Your LEVEL will increase as you play well. If you want your
salary to go up and you want better contracts, you must
make sure your level increases.
You need ENERGY to improve your shills and relationships,
just make sure you help enough to play the next match!

Energy Drinks
You have 3 Slots for ENERGY DRINKS, which you can buy in
the shop. SPECIAL DRINKS also increase your SKILLS and

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