Monday, October 5, 2015

SirVival Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Play

Tap Jump Button to Jump
Hold Jump Button to Jump Higher!

Tap Attack Button to dash and attack.
Tap the Jump Button and followed by Attack Button while at air to attack enemies at the air.

You can break some obstacles with a basic glove.

Do not attack or bump your ally.

Jump on a trampoline to jump very high.

Tap Jump when you drink the potion to flap your wings.

Bugaboo hides in every level! Find him, Chase him, and tag him with a punch!

Other Useful and Important Tips

While wearing a helmet enchanted with Quake, press Jump button and then press Jump button again while in the air!

A helmet enchanted will All seeing, reveals the hiding places of collectibles, treasure chests, and Bugaboo, the burglar!

A helmet enchant with Barbarail offers defense against enemies, for a limited time!

Magical items that can be enchanted to helmets can, also, be upgraded!

Earl Bugley of Respire's helmet allows you to safely pass through poison gas!

The further you upgrade a helmet, the more resilient it becomes.

Talon Bellbird's helmet offers defense against the spiders of the Dark Forest!

A helmet enchanted with Eagle Eye allows you to see the location of hidden treasure chests and collectibles.

Secrets lie within pockets of poison gas! Wear Earl Bugley of Respire's helmet to find what's been hidden!

Samson "The Lightrider" has a helmet that offers defense against witches.

Enchant Lionheart to a helmet and you'll have an additional Life container.

You can unlock more enchantment slots for your helmets, for a small fee!

Charge and then jump to leap longer distances!

You can hire Bugaboo to explore other lands and recover valuable items, for you!

Items rented through Bamboozie's shop are available to you for only a limited time.

Bugaboo will expedite the burgie run you've sent him on, if you pay him tokens.

Bamboozie offers items for sale and rent!

Enemies killed by, and obstacles destroyed with, the Gilded Gauntlet yield twice as many coins!

There is one treasure chest hidden in every level.

Press and hold the cursor against an item in the shop to learn more about it.

Hidden treasures are revealed when you light torches! Punch the pot-bellied dragons!

You earn bonus tokens when you earn three stars in a level.

Tantrum's Heavy armor contains four life containers.

Tantrum's Titan Armor contains five life containers.

Tantrum's basic armor contains three life containers.

Win a friendly knight's challenge and you'll unlock his special helmet.

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