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James Bond: World of Espionage "Bond WoE 007" Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can choose from four different specializations for your Agency, with only one Specialization active at a time.
Your Specialization determines your unique set of powers:

COMMANDO: Specializes in single target damage
Counters: Technician

TECHNICIAN: Specializes in supporting Allies
Counters: Spy

SPY: Specializes in critical hits
Counters: Security

SECURITY: Specializes in absorbing damage
Counters: Commando

As you upgrade your Specialization Powers, you will become more powerful.
Your Specialization will be useful in Alliance Wars and Villain confrontations.

You can change your designated Agency Specialization at any time before or after engaging an enemy, but not during an engagement.

Each Specialization has a set of unique powers that you must unlock, acquire, and upgrade. These powers can be used to defeat your enemies or help your Allies.

To unlock these powers, you must gain sufficient Specialization Experience from engaging in Alliance Wars and Villain confrontations.
Once you have enough Experience, you will unlock the next level in the Specialization and earn new powers.

To acquire new powers, you must spend Specialization Coins.
These Coins can be earned through Alliance Wars and Villain confrontations.
The Specialization Coins are not tied to a specific specialization.
Once you earn them, you can apply them to any Specialization.

There are also shared Specialization Powers that can be unlocked by the Specialization which you have the highest level in.

Agents are the most valuable and powerful assets in your Agency.

The strength of each Agent is based on the following criteria:
- Attributes (Offense and Defense]
- Experience Level [for example, Level 30/50): the higher the level the greater the attributes. In order to increase the specific Agent's Experience Level you must assign that Agent to the Operative slot in your Field Team (Tap Agent, Buy/Assign]
- Rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary]: The rarest Agents have the best Attributes and the highest maximum Experience levels.
Common Agents are the lowest rarity and Legendary are the highest.
- Rank: Please see Agent Training or Agent Evolution sections for details.To acquire Agents:
- Recruit Agents through Special Assignments and Villain confrontations [Tap Agents, Buy/Assign to purchase for Money

Each Agent has special abilities or "Talents", which are activated when the agent is assigned to your Field Team.

Talents provide a wide range of bonuses which are applicable to different aspects of gameplay. 
Some Talents will help you achieve success in Missions, others will aid you in Conflict, and other Talents can increase your power in Villain confrontations. 
To see what each Agent's Talent is, refer to the Agent Dossiers.
Understanding your Agents’ Talents will help you to compose an optimal Field Team that complements your play style and furthers the goals of your Agency!

James Bond: World of Espionage "Bond WoE 007" by GLU Guide

Some work only in Missions, some only in Duels and Espionage, some work only in Villain confrontations.

Your Agents can be trained to increase their Rank and improve their base attributes and maximum experience level.

For Agent to be eligible for training, you must do the following:
- Possess at least one additional copy of the Agent's Dossier and it must be of the same Rank
- Then you can combine the two Dossiers into one with increased Rank. (Go to Agents, Train] E.g. if you have two Agent
A's Dossiers of Rank 1 then after the training you will lose both Dossiers and gain a new Agent A's Dossier of Rank 2.
- To continue increasing the Rank, you will need to have two Agent A's Dossiers of Rank 2 and repeat the procedure. The maximum Rank an Agent can achieve is 9.

This is an alternative to Training. Instead of using the same Agent, use any three Agents of the same Rank and rarity type and a special item called "Enhancer" of the proper rarity. Enhancers can be acquired in Special Assignments, Villain confrontations, and other rewards.

The results are the same as with training: the Agents you used to evolve the Agent are consumed, while the Rank of the primary Agent increases.