Sunday, October 4, 2015

Heroes of the Alpha Arena Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1.How to exchange your account on other device?
If you were an Android user and have connected with Google Play Center, login with your Google Play Center account, you can find your character back. If you were an  IOS user and connected with FB, then you can login with your FB account to find back you're character.

2.What should I do if I failed the fight?
Improve your heroes‘ level, skill, equipment and star level, etc...

3.Why my equipment are lost after I improved my heroes?
Improve the property of hero will take all the equipment as the expense.

4.What should I do when I am lack of Gold?
You can go to challenge the campaign or go Fishing. Also, participating our events can get a lot of gold there.

5.Why I can’t improve the level of hero?
Your heroes’ level is limited by your team level. So, you should upgrade your team level first.

6.How to improve my team EXP?
When you finish the daily activity, you will receive a lots of team EXP to level up.

7 How to recruit more heroes?
You can go to draw the lottery. Drawing 10X lottery will get a hero or some hero soul stone. Also, in Elite campaign, you can get some certain hero soul stone

8.How to get through a campaign with '5 star?
Do not loss any one of your heroes in the fight.

9.What should I do if l lost my account?
Contact our Customer Service and send them an email with the following information Server, Character Name, Level, VIP level and when you created your character.