Saturday, October 3, 2015

Exos Saga Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

If your character's profile picture is flashing. It means you can use a skill.
There is 1 active skill that can be used directly. And there are passive skills that are used automatically.
You can have up to 3 passive skills depending on grade.
All active skills have a cooldown before they can be reused.

Fever mode is triggered at a set rate when a special character's skill can be used.
If you use a skill within 2 seconds of triggering fever mode.
Damage increases by 1.5 times. Try it out!

You can get additional rewards for completing "missions" throughout the adventure.
There are 3 types of missions you can complete

If you select an ally before entering the dungeon.
You can receive help in battle.
You can apply for or accept an alliance through the alliance menu from the lobby.

The alliance characters will help you in battle.
But will disappear after 60 seconds.
Use them wisely! You can't summon them again after they disappear.

You can open the expansion slots 0n the right through ultimate enhance
Only characters of s grade or higher are capable of ultimate enhance.

But be careful! Equipment can only be equipped in slots that are designated by type.
And if you equip a new equipment into a filled slot.
The existing equipment will disappear.

You can select more than one enhancement material.
The amount of enhance points you earn may change according to material.

If you reach 100% in enhance points. The enhance stage will increase by 1.
You can obtain a bonus according to the success rank you earn ("good. Great. And perfect").

Max enhance stages are based on equipment levels.
Basically. You can enhance a level 1 item up to stage 5.
But you can enhance a level 6 equipment all the way up to stage 30.
The current enhance stage 15 shown as a + number on the equipment icon

If you evolve a legend grade. Which is the highest grade. The level will increase by 1.
When there's an increase in grade. Only basic options will strengthen.
When there's an increase in level. Basic options and additional options

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