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EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How can I upgrade my gear? 
We will guide you on how to upgrade your gear below. Your gear can reach high grades during upgrading. Upgrading requires Heavenstones and your equipment to be level 30.
How to Upgrade Equipment
1. Go to Smithy and tap the Upgrade tab
2. Select the gear to be upgraded
3. Check the upgrade cost and required Heavenstones
4. Confirm upgrade

- The upgraded gear level will be reset.
- Limit Breaks on the previous gear will also be reset and will not carry over to the new gear
- Random bonuses will be retained.
> The gear's individual stats will be raised.

How can I use Limit Break?
A gear's maximum level capacity can be increased by using Limit Break. Limit Break will increase your gear's level cap by 2 (up to 5 times). To do a Limit Break, you must have two identical gear.
Equipment Limit Break
1. Go to Smithy and tap Limit Break
2. Select gear to use Limit Break on
3. Select Limit Break material equipment
4. Confirm Limit Break

How do I combine items?
You can acquire a high grade new equipment when combining the same grade equipment.
Two level 30 equipment is required.
The equipment combination method
1. Go to Smithy and tap Combine
2. Select the first material equipment (Main)
3. The second material equipment selection (sub)
4. The final confirmation and progress

The first material equipment (Main) that will affect the combined results.
EX1) for weapons
- Weapons Bayonet current (main) + sword / shield flow weapons (sub) = random error acquisition of a bayonet-type weapon
Ex2) If the Armor
- + Armor = armor helmet of the type of random acquisition

How to unlock Raid, Arena and Guild?
Reach the required levels to unlock these features
Check the required levels:
1. Raid: Character level 3
2. Arena: Achieve character level 5
3. Guild: Character Level 10 achieved

What is Heavenstones?
Heavenstone is an upgrading material used for upgrading items like Equipment and Armor into next level.
You can get Heavenstone daily and doing the missions.
There are three types of Heavenstone; Weapon Heavenstone, Armor Heavenstone and Accessory Heavenstone. Each needed for each kind of item to be upgrade.

What are the different grades of gear?
The different grades are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic, Legendary and Mythical Mythic gears are the best item to equip because they give the highest stats to a character.

How can I get gear for a specific hero? 
To get gear for your hero, you must select and use specific hero to play in Quest or in Story mode. As long as the hero is selected, the gear that is dedicated for them will be acquired for completing stages or missions.

How does my character gain skill? 
Your character can gain skill by equipping a weapon.
The usable skill depends on the weapon you're using. Each weapon has different set of skills. Weapon skill has 4 skill embedded on it. To gain all skill, upgrade the weapon into Mythical rank.
You can view skill details for each weapon from the Almanac.

What is Limit Break?
Limit Break is additional feature for an item to increase another level when it reached level 30. The item will increase the level by 2. The required material should be the same type of gear.

What is Raid?
Raid is a game challenge wherein you will need to defeat different dragon boss in a field with you and your friends.
Special rewards are given to those who will complete the Raid for 10 minutes of time period. More Raid points are given to the player that can damage the most.

How can I complete those difficult or boss stages? 
It is recommended to equip the best Weapon, Armor and Accessory when dealing with difficult stage or boss.
Increase your chance of completing each stage, use the item enhancing (Level up, Combine, Upgrade, and Limit Break) to boost you attack and defense.

Where can I find rare boss? 
You can encounter a rare boss by random chance when taking the Quest mode.
It will give you better items. To distinguish a rare boss to a normal boss, here a screenshot below.

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