Thursday, October 1, 2015

Candy Party: Coin Carnival Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Coins that are pushed off the bottom of the table or called bank, will be added to your total coins and will add to the prize meter.
When the prize meter is full, prized box will appear and drop at the top of the table.
Coins that are pushed off the side of the table or called gutter, will be added for karma meter.
When the karma is full, you will be able to use karma powers.
You can also buy instant karma to avoid waiting for the karma meter to be full and use karma powers.
Sometimes there are special chips that has amazing powers

You can sell your prizes to gain more coins.
All of your rewards collected will be use for quests.
Quests unlock some new karma powers.
Quests completed reveals cells in carnival party that you can get some rewards like coins.
Upgrading Special Chips, Karma Powers and Special Powers increases effectiveness of your Magical Powers.
You can also get prizes on demand by tapping into the Prized Box Icon located at the upper right of the screen and you can change the reward for the Prized Box.

Play at the Party Slots to win rewards. You can also play Fortune Wheel and get a guaranteed prize every time you play.
Diamonds you got from Party Slots and Fortune Wheel can be used to unlock Quests Cells.

If you want to earn coins, you can go to the coins shop and purchase with real money or you can watch an ad to get coins for free,

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