Thursday, October 8, 2015

Action of Mayday (AoM) SWAT Team Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tips: Upgrade the Weapons to ease the challenges
Upgrade your weapons to increase your damage output leading to more kills and less time in missions.

Tips: Finish a level to receive the rewards
When playing this game, you can only have limited amount of energy.
Instead of playing very difficult missions and failed, play those missions that are more easy and receive it's rewards.

Tips: Use the Props to complete tough mission
Sometimes there are missions that are difficult. Using Props will greatly reduces it's difficulty, so that you can pass the mission and get it's rewards.

Tips: You may earn extra FREE Coins in the Endless Mode
Endless Mode doesn't require energy, you may play and still earn coins. This is useful if you don't have energy left for story mode.

Tips: You should shoot at the incoming Grenade to avoid a hit
Prioritize shooting incoming grenades over than enemies. Grenades deal very high damage compared to enemies that are firing you.

Daily Reward
Claim rewards every day when you log in. If you are a VIP player, you can get the daily rewards twice a day.

Login 7 days
Login 7 days to receive free gifts. You need to login 7 consecutive days or else you would be go back to the Day 1 rewards. Day 7 has the best rewards in this event, so better don't miss any single day.

Halo Sales Pack
Buy the Pack with 70% off and receive the Halo Sales Pack with more rewards.

Free Draw
Get Rewards by watching ads. Better watch the ads whenever it is available. Ads are limited only and it will refresh for a long period of time.

Tap Joy
Complete tasks to receive Free Rewards.