Friday, September 4, 2015

Wonder5 Masters Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Wonder5 Masters has officially launched, let’s celebrate! Don’t miss out on amazing rewards in two Launch Events!
EVENT 1. Complete Missions to be One Jump Ahead!
Complete the following missions between 19th August and 10th September to receive rewards!
Mission 1: Create a character profile and receive 80 Gems
Mission 2: Defeat the Boss of stage 1.10 and receive 10x ‘Random Hero Fragment Chest’
Mission 3: Defeat the Boss of stage 3.5 and receive 1 S-Grade Equipment Chest
Mission 4: Participate in the Raid 10 times and receive 100,000 Gold
Mission 5: Defeat 50th floor of Air Fortress and receive 1,000 Gems

But that’s not all! Complete these two bonus missions to obtain an extra 2-star Hero for your squad!
Bonus Mission 1: Log in for 7 days in August and receive 2-star Hero Undine!
Bonus Mission 2: Log in for 7 days in September (until 10th September) and receive 1-star Hero Sweet-Tooth Lynn!
* Update on 2nd September: You will receive a 1-star Lynn, not a  2-star Lynn as previously announced. We apologise for the inconvenience.
* You can complete each mission once per character profile (you can create one character profile per server)
* Rewards will automatically be sent to your mailbox after completing a mission

EVENT 2. Beat the legendary Faker
Can you take on League of Legends’ best mid-laner, Faker? He is waiting for you in the Arena, until 10th September!
How to participate:
① Tap the 'Defeat Faker' icon in the Lobby.
② Fight against Gold/Challenger Faker
③ Win and receive rewards!
* Defeat Level 1 Faker: 1,000 Gold and 100 Gems
* Defeat Level 2 Faker: 10,000 Gold, 200 Gems and 10x ‘Random Hero Fragment Chest’
* You can receive the rewards for each level once per account

EVENT 3. Your Opinion Matters!
Every Monday between 24th August and 7th September, they will give away free items based on  Google rating!
Rating between 4.00 and 4.29: 10,000 Gold!
Rating between 4.30 and 4.49: 100 Gems!
Rating between 4.50 and 5.00: 300 Gems!
Rewards will be given out at 08:00 GMT based on the rating at midnight GMT. Rewards are given out on 24th August, 31st August and 7th September.

[Content Update]
1. New Hero: Monster Hunter Bobben (ranged assassin)

Skill Name
Skill Description
Rapid Precision
Continuously launches blades towards an enemy, inflicting physical damage and a burn effect.
Blackout Arrow
Fire an arrow at an enemy to inflict physical damage and stun at a set rate.
Pressure Points
Fire an arrow at an enemy to inflict physical damage and decrease attack speed.
Your attack speed will increase for a set time when you kill an enemy.
Toxic Bolt
Fire an arrow at an enemy to inflict physical damage and poison them.
Little Boy
Launch a rocket at enemies in a set range and inflict physical damage.

You can obtain Monster Hunter Bobben and his Summon Stones from the Fortune Teller (excluding guaranteed first 3-star summon), the September Limited Package (3), Summon Stone Chests and the Lobby Shop.
2. New Hero: Researcher Rimpell (Mage)

Skill Name
Skill Description
Summon Meteorite
Summon a large meteor that inflicts magic damage and burns enemies in a set range.
Fiery Blaze
Unleash a fireball at an enemy to inflict magic damage and decrease critical rate.
Pillar of Fire
Inflict magic damage on an enemy and throw them into the air.
Cast a buff on 1 ally that increases their critical rate.
Infernal Flames
Inflict magic damage on enemies in a set range and burn them.
Promise of Fire
All allies become immune to burn effects.

You can obtain Researcher Rimpell and her Summon Stones from the Fortune Teller (excluding guaranteed first 3-star summon), Summon Stone Chests and the Lobby Shop.
3. New Predator: Poseidon
Face the new predator boss: Poseidon! You can find him next to the Eternal Red Dragon, but be careful: Poseidon is a lot stronger than the Red Dragon.

Unlock rewards at 500,000 Points, 900,000 Points, 3,000,000 Points and 15,000,000 Points.
4. Attendance Reward: New Hero Lynn
On 1st September, the attendance hero reward will be changed from Undine to Lynn. You can only obtain Lynn from the Attendance Rewards!

[Package Update]
The August Limited Packages have been removed to make place for the new September Limited Packages. You can only purchase one of these three Limited packages, so pick carefully!

The September Limited Packages are available from 31st August until 17th September. Package items are automatically sent to your inventory. Exact Packages’ names might differ in your Google Play receipt. This does not affect the content of the package and your purchase.
September Limited Package (1)

1,000 VIP Points, 1,300 Gems, 60,000 Gold, 10 Time Scrolls, 80 Energy and 5 Hero Summon Stones.

September Limited Package (2)
4,000 VIP Points, 5,500 Gems, 300,000 Gold, 30 Time Scroll, 240 Energy and 2-star Hero Langdea (14 Langdea Summon Stones are given if you already own her)
September Limited Package (3)
8,000 VIP Points, 12,000 Gems, 500,000 Gold, 70 Time Scrolls, 400 Energy and 3-star Hero Bobben (21 Bobben Summon Stones are given if you already own him)
[Balance Changes]
1. The difficulty of all stages starting from stage 11 has been lowered.
2. The HP of the Eternal Red Dragon in Predator has been reduced.

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