Friday, September 25, 2015

Tribal Rivals Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How does multiplayer work?
Tribal Rivals’ multiplayer mode lets you attack and visit villages that belong to other players playing the game. By attacking, you can raid their resources like gold, water, and oil. This lets you build and upgrade your village much faster than by simply saving resources you collect from treasury and water wells … and is a lot of fun.

By winning battles, you stand to gain daggers. The more crescents you get, the more daggers you win. If you lose the battle, you also lose daggers. Once you have enough daggers, you will be able to enter the League which will allow you to win even more resources in each battle!

What is the single player campaign map?
The single player campaign sets you to attack 50 villages belonging to the Colonials and Black Army, each village more difficult than the previous one. This campaign is available to all players right from the start of the game.

While you are in the village view, tap on the ‘Attack’ button to find the Single Player campaign on the right side of the screen.

Every successful single player battle rewards you with both gold and water, but the loot is finite for each level. The rewards grow as you progress in the campaign. You only need a 1-crescent victory in a level to progress to the next. In order to get all 150 crescents and unlock the single player achievement, you need to win 3 crescents in all 50 single player battles.

Single Player attacks do not have time restrictions, and they do not affect your shield. Also, a player will not win or lose daggers in the single player missions. This allows the player a great opportunity to learn about the damages each defense makes and how to use troops effectively.

How much damage is required to win a battle?
Destroying 50% of the village, or Diwan = 1 Crescent

Destroying 50% of the village + Diwan = 2 Crescents

Destroying everything (100%) = 3 Crescents

What are shields and how do they work?
Once you exit the game, your village is open to attacks from other players. After you’re offline, the shield will prevent other players from attacking you.

At the very start of the game, all players get a 3-day shield to prepare their village. After that, you can either buy shields for pearls at the in-game shop, or use the free shields activated after being badly damaged in an attack. Depending on the extend of the damage, a shield will turn on, protecting your village for the next 12 or 16 hours.

Shields will automatically expire if you join the multiplayer game or visit another village using the ‘Revenge’ button.

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