Monday, September 21, 2015

Heroes League: War of Legends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Divination Tip:
Divination rituals allow you to summon heroes from
throughout the known realms to join your team. They also
allow you to obtain divine gear left by the Gods. We must
perform a divination ritual now to increase our strength.

Light Divination Tip:
Light Divination is more powerful than Fate Divination and
has a higher chance of obtaining stronger heroes and better

New Event
1. As the grand opening of the new region “Nidavellir” unfolds,
players across the globe will scramble to level up in mad rush!
2. When the event draws to a close at server time 12 PM sharp
on Sept 23, 2015, the top 3 ranking Lords will be lavished with
wondrous treasures.
(1). Players of rank 1 will get: A brand-new hero+5000
gems+2000000 coins.
(2). Players of rank 2 will get: 4000 gems+1000000 coins.
(3). Players of rank 3 will get: 2000 gems+500000 coins.
{4). Players who reach Lv.30 can get: 200 gems+100000 coins.

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