Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Champ Man 16 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Manager Rating
In Champ Man it's all about your Manager Rating. As your experience grows, so
does your Manager Rating. You will be rewarded ‘Rating Points‘ for various
activities in the game including playing matches, improving your team, winning
competitions, upgrading your staff an developing your club facilities. The more
successful you are the faster your rating increases. You can compare your
Manager Rating to that of your Friends by viewing the Leaderboards from the
Manager suite.

CM Coaching Badge
To manage the top clubs in the world you need to have the right credentials. In
Champ Man you earn your 'CM Coaching Badge‘ when your Manager Rating reaches
a certain level. Alternatively‘ you can buy your ‘CM Coaching Badge' early via an
in-app purchase if you wish to manage one of the top teams straight away.

Coaching funds and CM$
As you play Champ Man you will earn Coaching Funds and CMS. These will the
awarded for many things including match results, signing players and winning
competitions. Coaching funds can be spent on extra team training sessions
specialist training of individual players and extra coaching staff and advisors. CM$
can be used for major upgrades, for example to your training ground, stadium,
youth academy or stadium. They can also be converted to coaching funds or extra
transfer budget. If you wish to, you can buy additional CM$ via In-app purchases.

Coaches and Advisors
You can hire a wide variety of extra coaches and advisors to improve ‘your
 players‘ abilities, club finances and ability to recruit players. Each coach will 
Initially be contracted for 2 in-game seasons. At any time you can restart the ‘
game |n July 2015 by tapping reset on the Manager screen. or, If you wish to
continue your progress from the current game date, you can view Job Listing
and apply for any vacant lob. In both cases, you will keep your managerial profile:
Manager Rating, coaching funds, CM$, trophies, achievements, coaches and

Your team will train in between every match. You can choose the type of the
training to improve your team's ability in specific areas (examples: Chance
Creation, Possession. Should you wish to intensify the effect of the training, you
can use Coaching Funds to invest in double training sessions.
The more your team plays in a certain formation in matches, the more effective
it will be in this formation. Should you wish to accelerate the team's
effectiveness in a certain formation. you can invest in formation training from
the Formation screen.
Finally, you can invest coaching funds in specialist training for individual players
(for a specific skill or new position) from the Action menu on a player profile.