Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boom Boom Football Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How does Boosting work?
Boosting allows you to use any extra Player Cards you might have to make improvements to your team!

To start Boosting, tap on a Player or on the My Cards button, then center on the Player you would like to Boost. Tap on the Boost button. If the Boost button is non-interactive, you do not have any extra cards in your inventory to use for Boosting.

Once in the Boosting screen, select any of the extra Player cards displayed on the right side of the screen. You may select multiple cards to speed up the Boosting process. These extra Player cards are permanently used up during Boosting, and will be removed from your inventory.

Boosting your players costs Bucks. The Cost is determined by the number of and the class of the cards used. The Cost is displayed next to the Boost button.

Tap on the Boost button whenever ready.

How does Evolution work?
Two identical Player cards can be Evolved to create a single “Evolved” version of the Player. An Evolved Player starts at Level 0, but will get a bonus to their starting Skill according to the Level of the original Players. The higher the Level, the better the starting Skill. Evolved Players also get an additional +5 to their maximum Level cap.

How do I get more Bucks?
You can earn Bucks mainly by playing games against opponents. Games in The Daily Trophy and in Quick Game Mode both grant Bucks rewards.

How do I get more Gold?
The fastest and easiest way to get Gold is to buy it from the in-game store. Tap on the “+” icon on the top-right corner of the screen to see what Gold packages are available.

You can earn Gold by participating in special offers from our partner, TapJoy. In the Store screen, tap on “Get Free Gold!” to see what offers are available to you.

How do I get more Energy?
Energy recovers automatically over time. You will earn 1 Energy pip every 20 minutes until your bar is full again. When you are out of energy and attempt to play another game, you will be presented with the option to instantly fully recover your energy for gold or watch a video for a free energy pip.

How do I get more Players?
You can recruit new Players in four ways in Boom Boom Football:

  • Placing in Events
  • Completing Regions in Bowl Mode
  • Completing Games
  • Purchasing Packs

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