Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beat Bop Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tip #1 - Tapping
Tap for cash!
Charge up bar for more cash or diamonds!
Advance your musical career with your cash!

Tip #2 - Merchandise
Merch will earn cash all by itself!
Buy and restock Merch from the Merchandise store
You can also access the Merchandise store via the coin  bar!

Piggy Bank
The piggy bank keeps the money earned from selling your
Merchandise while you leave the app. Don't forget to collect it!

Tip #3 - Upgrading
Upgrade you Music Level to earn more tap!
Unlock items by leveling up and choose your favorite to equip!
More levels = more items!

Tip #4: Game Events
Draw a tarot card and hope for a good bonus!
Use Diamonds or watch a video to double or skip events.
Do a Promotion and watch a video to get humongous rewards from your manager!

Tip #5: Career Goals
Career planning has never been so easy.
Complete Career Goals for some extra cash on the side!

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