Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dragon Heroes Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero Enhance

When you put Material Hero and Gold and reach the required EXP, you can Enhance your Hero.
By putting high level and same Attribute Materials, you can obtain higher Enhancing EXP.

5% increase in Stats for each +1 Enhancing

Enhancing up to MAX +5 available, The MAX Enhanced Hero can be transformed to a higher level Hero through Fusion and Grade Up

Hero Grade Up

You can get the same Hero of Lv.1 of a 1 higher class by putting Grade Up Material and Gold together MAX level +5 Enhanced Hero.

As Heroes of each class require different Grade Up Material and amount of Gold, please check before trying the Grade Up.

The only way to get High-Level Grade Up Material is available once a day

To tell you more in detail, in order to Grade Up a Hero, you need the same Attribute of Grade Up Material as the Hero

Grade Up Material of each Attribute are set differently during the days of the week so please remember to check daily

So if you want to Grade Up Louis, then you shouldn't miss out wed and Sun, right?

Fuse Hero

You can use two MAX level Heroes with +5 Strengthening points as material and obtain 1 Star higher Lv.1 hero.

The amount of Gold required varies depending on the class of the Hero you want to Fuse

You can check 1 more choosable Hero if you use Rubies!

Once the Fusion is successful, 2 different choosable Heroes will appear, and you can choose one of them.

Ultimate Awakening

When you put the same 6 Star Hero as Material to a Hero with Lv-45 +5 Enhanced 6 Star Hero, you can enhance the MAX level to +3.

Once a Hero is successful in the Awakening Enhance, you can increase your level additionally. The EXP increases every time you level up.

The Material Hero doesn't have to be in MAX level or +5 Enhanced!