Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boardwalk Bingo: MONOPOLY Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I change Properties?
From the starting screen, tap the side arrows to scroll through your unlocked themed properties to choose the one you'd like to play. Then tap the image of the property to select it.
How are Properties different from one another?
Properties that unlock later are for more experienced players and require more dice to play, but the rewards are also better.

How do I play more than one card?
Once you have selected the property you want, you will have the chance to choose how many cards you'd like to play. To cycle your cards during play, use the slider wheel on the left side of the screen, pushing it up and down. You can also change cards by tapping the tabs on the left side of the screen, or by simply swiping the screen.
What is the effect of playing multiple cards?
Playing more cards costs more dice, but also improves your chance to win Bingos. To cycle cards during play, either use the slider wheel, the tabs on the left side of the screen, or simply swipe the screen.

What is a Boost?
A Boost is a special ability you can call upon to affect your Bingo game to your advantage. The longer you charge a Boost, the stronger it becomes.
How do I use Boosts?
Your Boost Meter is in the upper right corner of the screen. It charges a little bit each time a space is marked on one of your cards. As soon as the charge passes the first mark, the Boost can be used. Each Boost has three levels of charge. The longer you wait, the more beneficial the Boost will be.
What are the different Boosts?
Money Boost: Adds coin spaces to your cards, which grant cash when daubed. If charged to Level 3, adds a Gem spot to the board.
Mystery Chest Boost: Adds Mystery Chest spaces to your cards, which grant Mystery Chests if daubed.
Free Parking Boost: Adds a Free Parking space to your cards, which daubs adjacent spaces when daubed. The greater the charge, the greater the number of daubed spaces.
Free Daub Boost: Automatically daubs spaces on your cards. The greater the charge, the more spaces are daubed.
Chance Boost: Shows you the next few numbers to be called, which you can then daub right away. The greater the charge, the more numbers revealed.
Instant Bingo Boost: Adds an Instant Bingo space to your card, which immediately bingos your card when daubed. The greater the charge, the more cards that receive an Instant Boost space.
How can I get more Boosts?
Boosts can be acquired from the Market or unlocking Chests.

What is a Collection?
A Collection is a set of items that can be found in each property through gameplay. There are 24 items in each. Collect all 24 to complete the Collection.
What is the benefit of completing a Collection?
When you complete a Collection, you increase the amount of dice you get from the Daily Bonus.
How do I complete a Collection?
Each time you finish a game, you have a chance to get Collection items. Keep playing in a property to complete that particular Collection. Collection items are obtained by unlocking Chests.

How are rewards figured out after each game?
Every time you finish a game you'll be awarded cash and experience. If you marked Bonus spaces, you'll receive these as well. At this time you can unlock Chests by using keys, which may award further prizes. And remember, if you score a Bingo you get even more rewards!
How do I open Chests?
Use Keys to open Chests. Keys are awarded during gameplay or by buying them from the Market.
What can I find in Chests?
Chests can award Collection items, Boosts, experience, cash and dice.

Can I send gifts to my friends?
Yes, you can send each friend one gift per day. When you send a gift, your friend receives tickets.
How do I add friends?
Friends can be added by using the Social Tab to connect using Facebook.

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