Friday, July 24, 2015

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Charge Phase
Collect lots of "Ki" Spheres to increase your attack power.
Use that power to blow your opponent away!!

Links Skills
Use Link Skills to power up!!
Activate Link Skills by linking adjacent characters! Try out different combination!

Ki Spheres
"Ki" Spheres with the same color as your character's type grant 2x the "Ki"

Rainbow Spheres
Use Rainbow Spheres to connect even more "Ki" Spheres!
Rainbow Spheres can connect with any color.

Use Burst to connect even more "Ki" Spheres.
Take advantage of neighboring "Ki" Spheres with the same color!

Touch & Hold
Touch & Hold to check the route!
Slide your finger down and release to cancel.

Support Items
Use Support Items to gain an advantage in battle!

Choosing the right type is key to success!!
You will deal more damage if you attack the right type.
You will be blocked if you attack the wrong type.

Dokkan Mode
Deal massive damage in dokkan mode!
Wait for the marker to overlap the numbers then tap!

Tips for defeating tough opponents:
1. Match the right type to deal more damage.
2. Connect Spheres of your color for Super Attacks!
3. Use Link Skills to boost attack power!

A true warrior knows how to guard against attacks!
Guard by placing the right type in front of the opponent!