Sunday, July 26, 2015

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Cheats Coins: Guide, Tips & Strategy for Android/iPhone Game

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Beginner's Guide

Quest Map
Complete the location to unlock the next one. Replay locations to find all the chests!

Party Preparation
Drag a character into a party slot to use them for this quest. Keep an eye on their health and swap in new characters when it is too low.

Increase your roster and manage your new recruits. Only by adding new recruits to your roster are they available to your adventure party.

Feed Fortifying food to your party members to level them, increase their powers or restore their life.

Equip potions and trinkets to give your party an edge in difficult battles.

Eating Food
Drag food on to the party members to feed them. Food levels your character and make them their abilities stronger.

Equipping Potion & Trinkets
Drag potions on to potion slot(s) and trinkets on to the trinket slot to equip them for the battle.

Treasure Chests
When a color key appears make a match with it to find the corresponding chest. Make a match with the color chest to receive the loot.

Activating Abilities
To activate character's ability tap their portrait.

Explosive Egg
Making larger matches creates explosive eggs.

Old Bag of Loot
Monsters are always carrying around bags of tchotchkles and random junk. No one is really sure why. When you defeat enemies, they may drop some of their prized possessions onto the board. Make matches with the items to borrow them.

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Cheats

Use any hex editor apps that are available for android/iOS and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.

Coins HEX 9d 9d a3 69 Dword

If the codes doesn't work, it is possible that your android version is not compatible with the code I provided above.

Fortunately you can do it manually! To do it manually, just use search function in your hex editor app, enter your current Coins value in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest and search for it (choose DWORD) .

If you see a small list of results, example 10. Just edit the value of them one by one until you can find the real HEX!

If you see a large list of result, you need to change the value of your current Coins value in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest by either using/consuming or adding it. Go back to the list and find your new current Coins value in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest to the large list and  you can now edit the value any amount you want.

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