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Ace of Arenas Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Basics Of The Game
New to Ace of Arenas? This tutorial will get you started on your way to dominating the battlefield. We’ll start by familiarizing you with the basic mechanics.

There are all kinds of champions in the game, ranging from brutal warriors to powerful mages. You control one champion during each fight.
Each champion has a different role and different abilities. With all these champions on offer, you’re sure to find one that matches your playing style!

Controlling Your Champion 
With our innovative control system controlling your champion has never been so easy!

- To move your champion place your finger on the left hand side of the screen. You will notice a joystick appear, simply move your finger around without taking it off the screen to move around.
- Tap the ‘Attack’ button on the right hand side of your screen to select a target and attack. To attack move button must be released.
- Swipe the attack button up to switch between enemy champions or down to target creeps and buildings
- There are all types of abilities. Once you've tapped an ability, you can control the direction it will attack in by moving your finger in the direction of the desired target.
Dragging ability indicator out of range indicator to cancel casting.

Roads that connect your base to your enemies’ base are called Lanes. Minions (and you) will push along lanes to win the game.

Minions are soldiers who spawn from each team's Core. They will follow the lanes towards the enemy base, attacking enemies along the way.
Never underestimate the power of a wave of minions, especially in the early game.

You gain Coins upon dealing a killing blow to enemy units. Coins are used to purchase powerful items that power up your champion. You can make a purchase no matter where your champion is.

Turrets guard the lanes and will attack any enemy units that get close. You need to destroy Turrets to push further, but be warned,
Turrets are extremely powerful and you should always think twice before picking a fight near an enemy Turret.

Cores are where Minions spawn. Destroy an enemy’s Core and you’ll win the game, but this is not your only way to victory... for more on this, read our 'Maps' article!

Talent System
What is it?
Each Champion within Ace of Arenas has their own unique talent tree. Players are able to choose from a selection of talents to give Champions their desired characteristics.
Talents, when used in combination with gems, can turn a weak, slight champion into a devastating powerhouse, or a slow, cumbersome tank into a lightning fast killer. The
talent system makes it harder to predict which champions possess which attributes - use this to your advantage.

The talent tree has 5 different levels. Each level has three talents, of which your champion can learn one. As soon as a player has learned a new talent, their star rating
increases. To clarify, if a champion has learned a 1 star talent their champion will possess one star. If a champion has learned a 1 start talent and a 2 start talent, their
champion will possess two stars, and so on.

How do I teach my Champion talents?
In order to teach champions new talents, players need talent stones. Talent stones can be obtained via the following methods: chests or PVP battle rewards. If the player is
not satisfied with their talents or would like to change the talents their champion has learned, they can spend diamonds to reset their champion's talent tree and regain talent
stones in order to relearn different talents.

Gems - What Are They?
What are they for?

The main purpose of gems is to maximize the starting power of your champions. In the initial stages of the game, the attributes that gems provide your champion can be the difference between dominating and being dominated.
There are two major methods of acquiring gems: purchasing them in the store, or winning them from chests. Aside from chests, the only way to acquire an Amethyst is to combine or reforge gems. We'll get into what amethysts (and the other gems) are below.

Gem Types

Gems consist of 4 categories (Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Amethysts), and 5 levels (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum (weakest to strongest in order)).
The attributes each gem type offers differ slightly. Generally speaking, gems can be divided like so:
Rubies are used for increasing attack attributes
Emeralds are used for increasing magical attributes
Sapphires are used for increasing defensive attributes
Amethysts are a little different. Amethysts are the most powerful gems in each level, and they may increase any one of the attributes that the other gems offer. Additionally, they may provide three unique attributes that the other gems do not offer: movement & attack speed, life drain and spell vamp.

How to use Gems
You can use a total of 10 gems at any one time. Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies each have 3 slots you can fill, whereas Amethysts have only 1.
Which gems you use is up to you. What is your style of play? Which champions do you favor? Make sure the gems you select enhance your champion and style of play.

Upgrading Gems
Players can combine 5 gems of the same level to create one superior gem. If the player is not happy with the gem they receive, they can spend diamonds to reforge their gem, upon which they will receive a different gem with random attributes. Below is a picture of what the reforge page looks like.

Credit - What's It For?

What is it?
Credit is the currency through which you earn ranking. The amount of credit you have can be seen on the bottom left of the main game interface, right next to
your profile picture. The difference between a novice ranking and an overlord ranking is based on the amount of credit you have. The higher your credit, the higher
your rank. You can compete with AoA's best players from around the world for a listing in the top 10!

How do I earn Credit?
Credit is earned through fighting in battles. Generally speaking players will only receive credit when victorious in battle, and the higher the margin of victory, the
more credit can be earned. This is not set in stone, however. In the tutorial players will earn credit regardless of the outcome of battle. Players may also earn
credit through battling in 'Vs. Bots' mode. Regardless of how much credit you have accrued, you will never lose it in the case of a defeat, so don't worry about all
that hard earned credit being lost!
Currently Ace of Arenas offers three different ways to battle: Vs. Bots, Match maker (includes teaming up with friends), and rooms. When players have just started
out, they may earn credit through playing Vs. Bots, 1v1 and 2v2 modes. When a player is no longer able to earn credit through these methods, they can play a 3v3
match maker to continue earning points up to the maximum credit limit of 20,000. Of course, a player can begin playing 3v3 before this, should they wish (3v3's
offer the highest amount of credits out of all modes).

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