Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Toysburg Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What do I get when the toy gets more stars?
Fame! And as the toy becomes more famous, you get more coins each time
kids play with it!
You also get a better chance for item drops. Once a toy gets more and more
stars, you start getting rare, legendary and epic items.
You get to a point where you can even get 3 items at the same time, when
kids play with your toys.
Some kids only prefer to play with famous toys, so make sure you're ready
for them!
There are some other benefits, which you'll discover later on in the game.

ls it better to disassemble a broken toy, or to recycle it?
Both options are usually good.
Recycling gets you coins, which you can always use to get new body parts.
But sometimes it's faster to disassemble a toy, if those toy parts are exactly
what you need at that time.
You can't ever really have too many body parts, as you can always try out
new custom toys!

How do I repair my broken toys?
Once kids stop playing with your toys, they’|| return them broken.
To re-use those broken toys, you'll have to go to your workshop and
disassemble them.
When disassembling a toy, you get all what's left of the broken toy back to
your toy parts inventory (it might be missing an arm or a leg etc).
1. Go to your workshop
2. Press the small arrow on the toy parts inventory, to close it (if it’s open)
3. Open the broken toys inventory (by pressing the middle button on the
4. Drag the broken toy on the workdesk
5. Either disassemble the toy, or recycle it!
If a toy is missing any body parts, you can get those by ordering them from
your blueprints magazines. Or find them around town.

How do I upgrade my Workshop?
To upgrade the Workshop, enter the Workshop, and tap the arrow icon in the
lower right corner. This becomes available after finishing the first two quests
(Mummy says Wipe and Pirate Treasure).
In the Upgrade Workshop menu, you’|| be asked for 3 different items. Tap
each to see where you can get them. Once you have all those, spend some
coins and wait a few minutes or hours for the Workshop restructuring and
upgrade to complete.
You can do all this much faster with a few Candies, of course.
While the Workshop Upgrade is under construction, you can still use it as
normal, and keep doing the toys you like.

Toy Sets - how to complete them?
Toy sets bring together a bunch of toys, which have a certain theme or story
in common.
Based on the toy set description and background, you'll have to guess the
right toys.
To place them, you’d first need to build those toys. And once you have them
in your inventory, just drag them on the toy set.
If you get it right, you'll complete the toy set and get various rewards, like
candies and items.
Don’t worry, placing toys from your inventory doesn't mean they’ll remain in
the toy set forever. You can still give those toys to kids in the city.

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