Friday, June 5, 2015

Rogue Racer Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Small Vehicle Cheat/Trick
Tow Truck and the default car are both smaller vehicles in the game. The Tow Truck is the smallest but it cost 1200 so forget the other cars and purchase this vehicle.
You need small vehicle for this to work efficiently. When you start the game, align your vehicle in the broken lines of the road or called lane marker. Press accelerate and you're ready to go at full speed except when there is an Ambulance, Fire Truck or a Bus. But they can be easily avoided by just going to the opposite for a few inches or brake if there is an vehicle at the opposite lane. Tow Truck is recommended because it is more easier to dodge and to align/realign your vehicle in the lane marker.

How to get coins?
This game is unique from other related games when it comes on getting coins. There are no coins that can be collect in the game. However you will get coins after the game and it depends on your scores you got. Coins = Score / 100, decimals are neglected, only whole number.

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