Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PES Club Manager Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Here's a few facts about player stats you need to know before you select a player.

The figure you see right in the centre of the player's profile is his overall rating.

The overall rating changes according to position and his best 3 positions are shown.

The stars on the top right indicate Rarity. More stars indicate a higher Rarity level.

Rarity indicates a player's potential. Young players may have low stats initially despite high rarity levels.

Some players through development may outgrow their potential.

However, as a player's maximum potential is set by his Rarity, it's better to sign players of a higher Rarity if you are looking to uncover a future superstar.

For each day you log in, you can claim a reward. The type of reward you receive is unique to each login package that if offered. So, make sure you select the one that most benefits your style of play.

The game progresses by playing matches in Season Match

A season comprises of 1 league season and 1 cup competition

The opposition comprises of both real life clubs and ones created by other users.

The league is a mulii-tiered competition comprising of many divisions and teams are promoted and relegated based on their performances.

The higher the division you play in, the tougher the opposition. Any income you earn during the season should he invested in improving your team.

Al the starl of the season, you can receive funds from sponsors through TV deals. Playing in higher divisions will result in more sponsorship and TV money.

Players‘ wages are paid at the beginning of the season This will be automatically deducted from your GP.

GP is a form of in-game currency used within this app. It is spent when signing players or building facilities. GP can be earned through playing in both matches and competitions

In Edit Team, you can choose your Formation, Lineup and Team Instructions.
Try finding the best system for your team through trial and error At times, you may need to adapt to deal with tricky opponents.

Here's a few things about the in-game controls
In the Match Menu, you can switch Match Visuals and give tactical instructions.

Matches can be played with either 2D Visuals or 3D Visuals. This can be selected in the menu on the left of the screen.

If set to "Assisted", the game will automatically switch between 2D Visuals and 3D Visuals depending on how the match is progressing

There are also 3 speed settings when playing the game with 2D Visuals

The menu at the bottom of the screen can be used to give instructions lo your players.

The instructions you can give are [from the left]: Attacking Styles Build Up, Attacking Area, Defensive Style, Pressuring.

The slider on the right can be used to adjust ATKIDEF Level. The more you move it towards the left, the more defensive the team will play. Moving it to the rig ht will have the opposite effect.

In matches with 2D Visuals, you can also do the following

Use the menu to the right of the screen to switch between Edit Team, Condition and Stats.

In Edit Team you can alter both your lineup and formation. Please note that matches are not paused while you have Edit Team open

In Condition, you can check both Player Stamina and Ratings in real time

Both Stamina and Ratings are important guides to player performance levels. Use this information wisely to make substitutions at the best possible times.

In Stats, you can switch the Menu at the bottom to "Stats Menu‘

In the Stats Menu, you can check a wide variety of stats from the match

You can display [from left]: Attack Area [Attack Area [In Thirds], Ball Touches [Heat Map], Pass, Dribbling, Stats in order.

Well, that's it for controls! Your job will he to take in all the key info from matches, read the tide of battle and make the right decisions such as tactics and substitutions in order to guide your team to victory.

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