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Paradise Resort Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Paradise Resort Guide

Who can play?

The game is suitable for adults and those 13 and over. 

How do I play?

Welcome to the world of meTropolis! You're an aspiring director and working with your stars to make fabulous movies. Start filming each movie by casting suitable actor/actress, dress them up. Once they're ready, select the best scenes and then it's time for shooting! In shooting you select the best lines, then prepare a poster. Film critics will give their feedback and then at the premiere you'll get a score and rewards. Complete more movies to unlock new chapters, items and more. You can also head to the casino to win lots of free coins. Here's to success!

How can I turn off the sound?

You can change sound from the settings icon in More!

What are the boxes?

In the boxes you'll win stylish fashions, shoes, accessories, hair and more. To unlock more boxes, finish more movies and increase your total stars!

What is the casino?

The casino is the place where you use energy to win coins, gems and more energy! Energy recharges over time, for free!

Is there a second casino?

Yes! The default (first) one uses energy, and the second one (access by swiping to the side) uses coins, so you can keep going even when your energy is out.

What are the odds of winning in casino?

You'll always win something in every spin in the casino.

What are items I received in the boxes?

These items, including fashions, shoes, accessories, hair and cosmetics can be worn by your actors and actresses! Each item has a style and style points with them. If you're lucky, you'll win Star items which match all styles!

Can I sell or craft items?

Yes! You can tap "MORE" then "ITEMS" to view, sell and even craft your items!

What is item crafting?

Put multiple items together and they will be combined to craft a new single item! The more items and the more higher score, the better the resulting item!

I bought some coins/gems but they didn't arrive, what should I do?

If you are a Google Play or Amazon player, please try connecting your device to a stable internet and wait for a few seconds. If the coins are still not delivered, please kindly forward your Google Play or Amazon receipt We will follow up this issue asap. If you are an IOS user, please go to and check the "Account and Billing" for a refund request.

The downloading bar is stuck and I cannot play any more.

Please "force stop" the app and then relaunch it with stable internet. If still not working send us an e-mail describing this issue in at

How does Style bonus work?

The items you wear have a style score. For each role, you have to guess which style is required. If you dress the actor/actress with the matching style (above a certain proportion of your overall score), congrats, you win the style bonus. If not, no worry, you can continue the game as long as you dress him/her up to the required score. In later movies, some roles have dual style scores!

How do I gain coins?

You can win coins after every role is dressed up, in the casino and by finishing each movie. The dressup and movie coins go up the better a job you do!

How do I take a screenshot?

In most iOS devices hold home button and press the top lock button. In most Android devices hold volume down button and press the lock button. If this doesn't work, try googling how to for your phone or use a different device to take a picture of the screen. As long as the image is clear, we are able to help!

How many styles are there?

There are 6 styles. They are Edgy, Casual, Preppy, Dark, Classic and Tough.

Why do my items disappear?

In movie production, items worn out. But you can get back the items in Boxes.

How do I get more coins / gems?

At any time you can buy more coins by tapping the coins+ symbol or gem+ symbol at the top.

How do I cancel a movie?

You can go to "More" and select "Menu" which will take you chapter/movie select, tapping on another movie gives a popup warning you you will lose all progress if you choose to switch to the other movie, and a fee to reshoot another movie or start VIP movie.

What is a VIP movie?

VIP movies are bonus movies for each chapter. They are handpicked by the team so they have good rewards and exceptionally fun lines! You can unlock the first VIP movie in a chapter by completing all normal movies, and then the second and third VIP movie come in order. 

How do I unlock a new chapter?

Every movie you complete increases your star total. To enter a new chapter, finish all the normal movies in the prior chapter and reach the minimum star level and you can get to the new chapter!

Do you have more games from Me Girl?

Yes! Visit to see all our free mobile games.

What's speciality?

Each actor/actress has at least 1 speciality. Really talented ones have 2. If you match the actor/actress to a role with the same genre, you will get the Genre match bonus for that role! 

How do I level up my actor/actress to A+?

Cast them in more movies!

Can I buy the items in boxes?

Yes, after getting your pick, you can tap the item shown and buy directly.

How do I get more gems and coins?

Apart from winning gems and coins in the game, you can also buy more at any time. Check out the buy center for special deals!

What are the differences between coins and gems?

Coins and gems are both currencies used in the game. You can gain both through playing as well as buy more. They are separate, there isn't any conversion between them.

How do I tell the bonus style/s for a role?

Pay attention to the role description, it will give you a hint! Also if you re-do a role, you'll be told the bonus styles.

Can I re-do roles and/or movies?

Yes! You can redo a role as well as a movie, for a coins fee.

Why do I lose my items?

Once a role is submitted, the items are dedicated to the film production, and can't be re-used (unless you re-do that role).

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