Friday, May 29, 2015

Rush Star - Bike Adventure Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Daily Rewards
Just login daily to get coins or cash for free!

Unlock new stages
If you want to unlock new stage but died at that stage, you may use revive. However you should revive only once per single run.
Because for every revive in a single run, the cost will multiplied by two! Example: 1st revive cost: 2 cash, 2nd revive cost: 4 cash, 3rd revive cost: 8 cash and so on and so fort.
Cash are hard to obtain in-game so it is advisable to use revive once only. Don't revive more than once to unlock 2 or more stages at 1 single run. Once the stage was unlocked, you can directly go to that stage and start a new run for you to unlock it's next stage.

Buy Small Potion
Always buy small potions to increase your distance travel in a single run. More distance travel equals more experience. You need experience points to unlock new vehicles. Don't buy Large Potions because it costs 15 cash which is overpriced and not worth it.

Collect Collectibles
You can earn coins through collectibles but the most important is you can earn cash too. You need to get the first collectibles first and your second or more collectibles will have a rewards of cash!

Start with the first stage
If you want to gain experience faster, you need to start with the first stage. First stage are easier than any other stages. Remember the longer your travel distance is the more experience you will get.

Buy Vehicles to improve health
Health is the most important attribute of the vehicle, others are unhelpful specially the "Speed" attribute. Speed increases the difficulty on avoiding obstacles and collecting collectibles while Health is very important to survive longer.

Facebook Gift Code
FRGT-HGZW-REA6-32OP = 10 Cash
O means Letter O not zero

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