Saturday, May 2, 2015

Paradise Island 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What can I do on the Island?
You have a whole tropical island at your disposal; make it into the most beautiful and unforgettable resort ever!
Build hotels and entertainment venues, open restaurants and and get golden coins!
Plan parties and excursions, decorate your island, complete quests, help tourists, make new friends, and play alongside your old ones!

Why do I need to upgrade buildings?
There is a simple rule: cooler the building brings more profit.
Upgraded entertaining buildings bring more profit, hotel provide more profitable events, power plants produce more electricity, moreover all buildings even take on a cooler look.
Improve buildings by tapping on the Upgrade button in the lower part of the screen.

For optimal efficiency you can speed up the upgrading process by tapping on the snail button and the process will finish instantly.

Why do I need roads?
You need roads for tourists to move to the hotels and entertainments or Administrative building.
This is the way for tourists to visit every corner of the Island!
Without a connection to the Administrative building houses and hotels will become sad and stop functioning and you will see the red mark with a road above it.
Build a road to connect it to the Administration Building, and work will resume.

How do I level up?
Almost for every action on the island you get experience points.
When you get enough experience points, you go up a level.

You can earn experience in all kinds of ways Complete quests, build new things, collect profits, and explore the island! It will soon become a paradise!

What is energy?
Energy is activity fatigue which you use by developing island, cleaning out the jungles and helping tourists.
Energy is required to carry out work on your island.
It is replenished at the rate of 1 point per 3 minutes.

Why do I need electricity?
Every building on the island needs a supply of electricity.
Build eco-friendly power plants, generators, and windmills, and you'll have plenty of electricity for everyone.

Why do I need personnel? How do I get more staff members?
In order to keep all the buildings on the island up and running you need staff.
So when you're planning a new building, it pays off to make sure you have sufficient staff.

You can hire more people by upgrading your Administration Building.

Why do I need tourists? How do I increase the number of tourists?
Tourists are the life-blood of your business: you can't run events in the hotels without them.
The more hotels you have the more tourists can visit your island.

The number of tourists increases when you upgrade the pier and make your island more attractive.

There are tourists walking around the map. What do I do with them?
Usually tourists rest, swim or walk around the  Island, but sometimes they need your help or if they have a suggestions for you, then a special sign appears over their head.
Tap on the tourist to find out what their idea is.

Sometimes they come up with something quite sensible!

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