Monday, April 27, 2015

UFC EA SPORTS Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Fighting Tips in UFC EA SPORTS Game

Defense plays an equally important role In Mixed Martial Arts.

In addition to Light. Medium and Heavy Strikes, Abilities can be used after successfully dodging or blocking strikes against you.

Landing a perfect takedown will charge your Ground Ahilrtles.

While on the ground, you can perform Light and Medium Strikes.

After a few strikes, you can use a submission to make your opponent tap.

Tapping on the lightning bolt Icon will give your Fighter increased strength fur a single fight and consume Boost.

Landing a takedown will reduce how much health your opponent can regenerate.

Landing a perfect takedown will charge your Ground Abilities.

You can go back and replay any fight you've completed.

Dashing backwards is a great way to create space if your opponent is being aggressive.

A successful dodge charges your Abilities

Aggressive opponents will try to pin you against the cage. Use a parry and a quick flurry of strikes to fight your way out.

Striking charges your Abilities, Use Abilities during a fight to do huge damage.

Blocking is an effective way to reduce damage. Try blocking a strike and then throwing a well timed job.

Your fighter's power number will increase as you train your abilities.

Double swipe backwards to create distance from your opponent.

Significant strikes do more damage but are slower to throw. Try leading with a jab then follow up with your heave strikes.

Mixing up your strikes keep your opponent guessing. Throw too many of the same strikes and you will be easily countered.

Other Important Tips

After each fight you will earn coins based on how well you performed.
You will also earn Stars based on how much health you have remaining.

Complete Challenges to earn extra coins. You'll receive e new set of Challenges each day.

Earn coins after each fight to purchase items from the store.

Beating a Main Event or Title Fight will earn you big rewards.

Matching Items to the Ability you are training will significantly Increase the training experience gained.

Fighter Collection allows you to view all Fighters in the selected Weightclass.

Limited Edition packs will have a timer in the store.

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